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Zhongshan Party Secretary Liu Jianhui: Town Lighting Accounts For 70% Share Of The National Lighting Industry

Mar 20, 2017

  Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading in the background, the 16th China Guzhen International Lighting Fair (hereinafter referred to as the town lights Fair) cum 2015 China Light (town) Lights Festival (hereinafter referred to as the town lights festival) grand opening At the same time, global lighting designer salon 2015 was held. It is understood that the LED stadium lights is the largest and most extensive social participation, cultural content once the richest cultural event lighting. backpfrontp recent years, Guzhen Town People's Government attached great importance to enhance the lamp lighting product design capabilities, continuing to explore ways to increase the industrial value added and possibilities. At the same time, LED stadium lighting improve intellectual property protection system, strengthening IPR protection, invested heavily to attract domestic and foreign original design and high-end design talent, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. This year, also held the first lighting festival, the lighting industry convergence to a light culture. backp Guzhen town party secretary Liu Jianhui backpfrontp Guzhen town party secretary Liu Jianhui said that after thirty years of development, the town has become famous at home and abroad of China's lighting capital. In 2014, the town of 23,780 businesses, including registration lighting enterprises reached more than 14,000 to about 8,000 and lighting manufacturing,high power led flood light sales associated companies. According to the Guangdong Provincial Commission by letter department statistics, currently the town as the town center, has been formed covering eleven townships surrounding three cities with annual sales of hundreds of billions of lighting industry clusters, while in China Lighting Association annual report, confirmed the town lighting accounts National Lighting industry 70 percent share, laid the lighting capital of China's industry position no shake. According to incomplete statistics, every year about 3.2 million people around the buyers to visit ancient town. backpfrontp Guzhen Town in the Fourth Congress held its twelfth, according to Bureau of Statistics data show that the gross regional product in 2014 in Guzhen Town (GDP) 111.2 billion yuan, up 7.9 percent; industrial and agricultural output value of 21.89 billion yuan, an increase of 11.9% . Meanwhile, according to industry association market survey,1000W led flood light town lighting industry output value of the country's total share up to 70 percent. In tax revenues as a representative of major economic indicators to achieve double-digit growth. backpfrontp has been adhering to the ancient town of intellectual property-driven design, to design drive brand innovation, innovation-driven philosophy shaping the town lighting industry development of regional brands, and realistically on the basis of the production chain, with emphasis on both ends of the smile curve, 4.0 of model industrial town to promote new professional development, encourage independent innovation, and to achieve more significant results. From 2011 to June this year, the town a total of 19,139 patent applications, an average annual double-digit growth for three consecutive years ranked first in the city. In the first half of this year, the town of patent applications and grants grew 44.5% and 38.6% respectively. Guzhen Town of successful experience aroused great concern of WIPO, SIPO has been well received,led tunnel lights and in 2013 was also awarded the National Intellectual Property Strategy Implementation of advanced collective honor. backpfrontp Guzhen Town, deputy party secretary, mayor Weihong Rui said that in recent years, Guzhen Town, efforts to speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading the lighting, from the perfect service platform support system, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise development, and strengthen the capacity of industrial innovation drive and strengthen international voice, etc. Measures have done a lot of practical, positive publicity out of the town lighting,LED arena lights the global business gathering in the town, bigger and stronger lighting industry, and promote the healthy development of the industrial economy. backpfrontp China Lighting Association Liu Shengping that, after 30 years of development, the town is famous lighting capital, but with the change of people's living standards and consumer preferences, now lighting industry competition has not only stay In manufacturing capabilities, creativity and design is becoming increasingly important. backpfrontp German Red Dot Award, Founder and Chairman of the Jury Peter \u0026 middot; Prof. Dr. Zach 2015 global lighting designer Sharon development of the town lights are affirmed, and said red dot award is recognized internationally recognized symbol of creativity and design,LED high bay lights welcome Chinese lighting designers to take part in the German Red Dot Awards. backpfrontp iF International Design Award in 2015, Asia Pacific general manager Wu global lighting designer Sharon meeting that the PRD has become a hot spot for innovative design, lighting design of town in broad prospects for future development. backpfrontp With the lighting industry globalization process, intellectual property is becoming a core element of strategic resources and corporate brand development of the international competitiveness of the lighting industry, RGB led flood lighting Guzhen Town also vigorously promote IPR protection with international standards. Future, the town will be the main line of new professional building in the town, around the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, the town build a highly influential International Lighting town. backp