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Zhang First Lighting Design: 'Dominating' Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Race

Dec 19, 2016

  By our dominant design \u0026 lsquo; Harbourside \u0026 rsquo; apartments are located in Shenzhen and Sinsa Sinsa Road Street Interchange, in Shenzhen Futian Central Business District, location. This is following the successful completion of our Phase II Shenzhen Ritz-Carlton, lighting another masterpiece Xinjiang Radisson Hotel LED stadium lighting design after the opening of this project is also to MLD Shenzhen Zhang first lighting draw a beautiful luster. Zhang first designer told reporters. backpfrontp It is understood, MLD Zhang first lighting design company was established in March 2013, is a professional lighting design programs to address the consultant firm, which was founded by Tomoaki stadium lights designer Zhang first joint in the industry, designed to create a domestic high-end lighting design company list. Dominating the scene graph backp corridor backpfrontp dominant design \u0026 lsquo; Harbourside \u0026 rsquo; during the project, in order to ensure the quality, we specially established an effective quality assurance system. Clearly the quality of the functions of the main post, the implementation of the project manager responsibility system, high power led flood lights technical staff accountability, and the establishment of quality management organization system and quality assurance measures. Zhang said the first. backpfrontp According to Zhang first introduced in the quality assurance aspect of their work is mainly done the following: 1000W LED flood light program design quality assurance: the use of international brand light source and power supply, reducing the failure rate;a plurality of links shipment inspection and other strict; backpfrontp 3, quality assurance construction phase: the implementation of the system do first segment model, model segments in strictly controlled lighting effects, while providing a more reasonable light adjustment proposals; backp Case Sign backpfrontp reported, Harbourside hotel project implementation process, When lighting intervention, the hotel management company raised the functional specification of lighting management, especially the lighting design requires all use LED tunnel lamps. Thus, to meet the hotel management company for lighting design requirements under the premise, the project focused on lighting design simplicity of the wind, lighting design light soul, the whole system using LED products, energy-saving led bay lighting than traditional hotel 80% or more. backpfrontp lighting design fully understand the concept of interior design and the characteristics of each space on the basis of the spirit of the project to do next should do fine in principle, before lighting design and interior design for timely and effective communication multi-dimensional, with particular emphasis on design combining functionality and artistic,led arena light as much as possible to do with light to assist with the interpretation of the interior design features. Zhang first mentioned. backpfrontp and we pass a reasonable and orderly led street lighting configuration, the lighting capacity into a supplementary element of interior design, reasonable light distribution, light and shadow to create a structured environment, and strive to achieve the integration of lighting and interior space, so as to achieve lamps with the perfect combination of art,gym lights in order to enhance the overall visual impact and artistic and cultural quality design work. Zhang first said in conclusion. backp