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Xindeco Listed For Sale 1.31% Stake Held By The Sanan Electronics

Mar 01, 2017

 Shamenxinda Engineering LED stadium lights (000701), Oct. 20 announcement that the Xiamen Electronics shares the company will hold not less than the assessed value of the corresponding equity prices, property rights trading center in Xiamen public listing transfer, transfer equity ratio does not exceed 1.31%.LED stadium lights Currently counterparty can not be determined. This transfer will take three security electronic equity trading center in Xiamen property listed intention of the transferee to seek the form of counterparty and transaction price uncertainty. The transaction will be submitted to the shareholders' General Meeting, the total assets of this transfer of equity, operating income, net assets of a major asset restructuring has not reached the standard, does not constitute a major asset restructuring. According to announcements, the three security electronic main business areas: backpfrontp 1,led stadium lighting wholesale and retail: electronic products, metal materials, wire and cable, electrical and mechanical equipment; backpfrontp 2, for the optoelectronics industry investment; backpfrontp 3, the electronics industry technology research, advisory services ; except backpfrontp 4, operating all types of goods and technology import and export, but the state companies operating limit or prohibit the import and export of goods and technology; backpfrontp 5, did not involve pre-approval permit other business projects. backpfrontp Xindeco according to the company's development strategy,RGB led flood lights in order to further strengthen the company's main business investment, combined with the actual situation, the transfer of holdings Xiamen Electronics Co., Ltd. shares will help the company make an inventory of assets and recovery of funds, reduce financial costs and expand other viable projects . backpfrontp The transfer of shares listed on the transfer mode adopted, the price is not yet determined the impact on the company's profit this year is uncertain. led gym lights The transaction can be completed uncertainty. Board backpfrontp Xindeco company believes that this transaction is in order to better achieve the company's development strategy, in line with company needs. backp