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Woo Light Equipment: Sufficient Orders Optimistic Full-year Performance---led Stadium Floodlights

Oct 27, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] After several years of rapid development, China's LED packaging equipment localization rate being gradually improved rapidly. LED stadium light production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) research shows that in addition to wire bonders currently still mainly rely on imports, other devices such as solid crystal machine, dispenser, spectral localization and taping machines are more than 50% The next two years, China high power LED flood light packaging equipment market pattern will be more clear. backpfrontp As one well-known domestic LED packaging equipment suppliers, woo light equipment Founded in 2007, from 2010 onwards the company introduced a number of Japan, Taiwan imported high-precision CNC machining equipment, production capacity by the beginning of the 60 units / month to now 120 units / month or more, the output value of over a hundred million. backpfrontp GGII research shows woo light 1000W LED flood light solid crystal with strong competitiveness in terms of quality and performance, and the company in overseas markets have a certain market share. backpfrontp Fair just held in the light, the light equipment focused woo exhibited DB396 and DB60 series two models automatic loading and unloading solid crystal. backp booth woo woo light equipment light equipment sales vice president Li introduced, DB396 series of large-capacity on-chip stack of material sandwiched materials and discrete pod-collecting system, easy way to avoid loading the cartridge handling more than one machine,led bay light increasing machine productivity and reduce labor costs, loading and unloading station and table width adjustable, also after solid crystal quality detection. backp light equipment sales vice president Li Yu backpfrontp DB396 series work cycle time is 140msec,gym lights positioning accuracy \u0026 plusmn; 1mil, angular accuracy \u0026 plusmn; 3 \u0026 deg ;. Li said that the device supports flat LED lamp, SMD (0603,0805,1010), TOP SMD (3014,020, etc.), 1W high-power bracket. backpfrontp and one of the flagship product another Bonder DB60 is the company this year, according to reports,led tunnel light the equipment duty cycle time of 70msec, positioning accuracy \u0026 plusmn; 1mil, angular accuracy \u0026 plusmn; 3 \u0026 deg; support plane LED lamp, SMD ( 0603,1010), TOP SMD (2014,2835), COB high-power. backpfrontp against the company's sales this year, Li said that after the first half at full capacity, the company will usher in a new round of orders full, busy time of day to more than a dozen sets of equipment,led street lighting the company is optimistic about this year's performance . backp