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Without Electricity, Free Routing, Intelligent Job Prospects For Solar LED Lights

Mar 24, 2017

 Town lights Fair, there are plenty of solar LED stadium lights Xiaobian shines, although had been unable to because of the cost can be significantly promote, but from this The exhibition circumstances, it is still subject to a lot of buyers of all ages. When backpfrontp solar street lighting system is the use of solar modules, during the day to receive solar radiation into electrical energy through solar controller is stored in batteries at night when the illumination gradually reduced to the set value, solar controller detected after the value of the action battery discharge LED stadium lighting lamps. Battery discharge N hours, solar controller action, the end of battery discharge. Zhongshan Li Jiansen cup channel sales representation. backpfrontp It is understood that the solar lights are an independent distributed power supply system, it is not subject to geographical restrictions, is not affected by the mounting position of power does not require digging the road to do the wiring pipe construction, convenient site construction and installation, do not need to lose substation system, do not consume electricity, environmentally friendly and energy saving, the overall economic efficiency, especially roads have been built additional solar street very convenient. backpfrontp For the cost of attention, Ni also said that the price of solar street to get the price directly with the high power LED flood lights do comparison, the two also have commonality: solar street lamp head light LED is also used, the use of the poles is the same quality and a power source, a used controller, and the price difference is seen in the components, solar street LED tunnel lights more than a few things: solar panels, solar batteries, battery boxes. backpfrontp solar panels, the price depends on the quality, for manufacturers, solar street lights, solar panels are in accordance with the wattage to count the cost of solar energy battery is in accordance with the size of the AH to calculate the cost of the whole is bigger and more expensive, for LED arnea lights, the configuration of the higher price of the place is the need to enhance lighting, poles, with power, but for solar street light, the configuration of the higher, which means solar panels, batteries, lamps, poles should improve the cost, This is also why LED lights more expensive than the price of solar street reasons. Lijian Sen expressed. backpfrontp although at this stage solar street prices are still more expensive than LED high bay lights, but taking into account the unique advantages of solar street lights, no electricity, intelligent mode, free wiring installation, easy maintenance and other advantages, even if more expensive, but there are still a large room for growth. Li Jiansen expected path. backp