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Wireless Rechargeable Led Table Lamp

May 16, 2016

  How do you imagine your table lamp.Now,people are no longer confined to an ordinary table lamp.New technology are used on a growing number of products.single founction products no longer meet the needs people.We released a table lamp in May 2016,and we have this lamp adds some amazing features.

2-in-1 simple,foldable design to easy carry and adjust to different angles for the comfortable lighting to avoid eye strain.No flickering,no radiation,no UV and quality LED flood light source to keep soft and clear lighting to protect your eyes.Four-color adjustable LED lighting that suits for work or leisure purposes.Regular offline mode can acieve high energy efficiency and safey.QI wireless chaiging lamp to charge your device while reading at the night.put down and take the phone off the charging pad any time you wish.it is safe o use and the best 2-in-1 functional invention.Body made from premium aluminum material,with smooth paint surface,to feel light,durable and anti-scratch.

1.Devices with built-in wireless charging receiver(Samsung S6,Nokia 1520,LG,Nexus5)

2.Devices with reserved wireless charging interface beside its battery(Samsung Galaxy S3,S4,S5,Note2,Note3,Note3,etc).