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Winter Is Approaching Street Market Intelligence And Ability To Deliver Low-cost 'dilemma'?

Mar 01, 2017

  [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] that prices continue to fall and the double impact of the slowdown in demand, Chinese domestic scale LED street light was gradually decline, perhaps also indicates that domestic LED street market will enter the winter period. LED stadium lights production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) research shows that in 2014, the annual Chinese domestic market size of LED lights dropped sharply to 2.8 billion yuan, down 30.9 percent. 2015 street domestic market size is expected to 2.3 billion yuan, down 16.6 percent. 2015 full year, the domestic market is still not optimistic lights, such as double the growth trend of previous years will not appear. backpfrontp Reported outdoor lighting manufacturers Kingsun (002638.SZ) in the first half 2015 operating income fell Outdoor Lighting 23.31%, backpfrontp photoelectric chairman Qu Junyi Li Yang said the reasons for the slowdown outdoor lighting, at the policy level and interests accounting for part of the drive level, but more still should analyze technical issues, color temperature and luminous efficiency and cost price factors restricting LED stadium lighting outdoor lighting main reason for the slow development. backpfrontp talking about a technical level, Qu Junyi believes that the future direction of the street lighting must be made to promote a high color temperature to a low color temperature. Then the industry will experience the evolution of the color temperature from 6000K to 2850K 4500K. In his view, the future will be the best way 2850K color temperature of lighting requirements. backpfrontp Therefore, the future development trend of outdoor lights, will be concentrated in the low color temperature, high light efficiency and low cost of development. Qu Junyi representation. backpfrontp 2850K color temperature with excellent penetration, whether it is fog and haze or fog weather, can provide people with a clear lighting environment, rather than the human eye blindness. Qu Junyi said that the color temperature value to make high power LED flood light color completely return to tradition. backpfrontp grid days photoelectric Marketing Director Hu dual-energy representation, the color temperature value most current 1000W LED flood lights focused on 4000-4500K, CRI is about 60-70Ra, while the color temperature to a specific value and can not be generalized. backpfrontp But Hu dual energy also pointed out that the positive is, the color temperature, the higher the value, the lower the penetration, the more discomfort for rain and fog weather. If the street is high color temperature light sources, when driving at night sight small range of vehicles and pedestrians, it is difficult to look at distant objects, easier to accidents. backpfrontp It is understood that Li Yang photoelectric to be launched combined solution to this problem: Low cost + high light efficiency + low color temperature, its lights module color temperature CCT = 2850K, the luminous efficiency of 150 LM / W, at the same time cost-saving products and more than 20 industries % -30%. backpfrontp In addition to technical and cost aspects of seeking open LED street lighting market, in order to enhance the value of LED gym lights, outdoor lighting business more intelligent direction under the foot work. backpfrontp Qujun Yi said that we set up the team from the beginning of 2013, the software development of LED tennis court light intelligent control system, the product has been put to use in road lighting. backpfrontp Qu Junyi believes, street smart control system that automatically sends instructions to each terminal city, LED lights automatically adjust the color temperature according to weather conditions, whether it is in the face of rain and fog weather or sunny weather, you can adjust the color temperature appropriate to enhance the traveling vehicle and pedestrians visibility, enhanced security. backpfrontp addition, from participation in this year's Golden Globe Award Engineering street class can be seen, the enterprise play smart cards are also more concerned about the color temperature adjustment. backpfrontp dragon traffic this year to bring Promise dimming adjust the color temperature LED Tunnel Light contested Product of the Year Award, the product of a lighting system using intelligent control, lighting can achieve stepless dimming adjust color temperature function. Long backpfrontp in traffic-related responsible person pointed out, street lighting control system through the induction system, according to the weather temperature changes adjust the color temperature of the RGB LED flood lights , such as when the weather is cold, reducing the color temperature to make pedestrians feel more warm; and when the weather is hot, an appropriate increase in the color temperature give pedestrians more refreshing feeling. backp