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Wind From Restructuring State-owned Universities Chip Reform Assets Unisplendour Group Intends Tsinghua Holdings

Feb 04, 2017

 today, Zhou Fang, together with the suspension of the core, Tongfang progress both release suspension announcement, disclosed Fang Qinghua Holdings Holdings intends to proceed to its integrated circuit industry and other business assets,Stadium lights strategic restructuring and industrial layout adjustment, may include two listed companies major asset restructuring, and shares the same side sale to Unisplendour Group shares held by Tongfang Guoxin issues. Tsinghua Unisplendour Group Holdings subsidiaries, and Tsinghua Holdings wholly owned by Qinghua University. Two listed company announcements particular, Tsinghua Holdings move intended to implement the State Council to deepen the SOE reform guidance of the spirit,led stadium light which means the wind has been blowing SOE reform state-owned enterprises and universities category. backpfrontp reporter noted that, at present, belong to the Department of Tsinghua Unisplendour shares, Chengzhigufen also because asset restructuring plan suspended, and Shanghai Jiaotong University's Southeast Asia also suspended new equity incentive plan. In addition, Sun Yat-sen's Da An Gene resume trading today,high power led flood light the company intends to ESOP and directors, supervisors and senior staff part set by fund-raising. backpfrontp Tsinghua University Department of asset integration speed backpfrontp 12 days, with the side Guoxin released suspension notice on major issues, represents Tsinghua Holdings intends planning to major issues involving the company's shares and the same side; the same day, shares the same side also issued a suspension notice. To the 14th, the two companies announced that the release of progress, Tsinghua Holdings intends to proceed with strategic restructuring and industrial layout adjustment of its operating assets,1000W led flood light including planning for the integrated circuit industry between affiliated companies and asset restructuring, which will likely lead to two Listed part of the stake in the country's core Tongfang major asset restructuring, which may involve the same parties will hold the shares sold to a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unisplendour Group Limited. Announcement particular,led tunnel lights a move intended to implement the State Council to deepen the SOE reform guidance of the spirit. backpfrontp This means that internal asset integration accelerated Department of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University in industrial distribution and related platform shareholding structure will be re-divided, eliminate competition in the industry. A broker said. In fact, Tsinghua Holdings painstaking business for decades, has been basically formed a purple line, with the side lines,led high bay lights inspired line of three capital and business platform, and formed their own strengths, cross exchange business clusters; but based on SOE reform and the elimination of competition within the industry needs, the Department of Tsinghua industry needs more clarity and equity relationships of its three business platforms. backpfrontp purple line, with the side lines,led arena lights inspired line, although the Department of the Tsinghua Tongfang doors, the service module, both by acting style is different, but with the expansion of their business overlap and competition with the industry to highlight the contradiction. Such as purple tie holding a high hit recently in the field of integrated circuit industry, domestic and international mergers and acquisitions more flowers, cited outside the industry eyebrows; Tongfang Department is focused capital + technology incubator model in the computer, digital city, networking,tennis court lights integrated circuits, military, LED and other fields steadily; enlightenment newcomer in strong into the environmental protection department, but to actively strengthen cooperation with local governments to build Internet + Technology Park operating system. Aspects of cross-shareholdings, enlightenment holding equity shares held by violet, purple Group holds equity shares Tongfang \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; but also no shortage of joint operating between all three parties. backpfrontp Unisplendour Group if the acquisition of the country's core equity Tongfang,gym lights Tsinghua is to rationalize the internal layout of the integrated circuit industry and eliminate competition in the industry. An industry source said. backp