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Why Jie Fruit Plastic Electronic LED Filament Called 'accurate Service'?

Oct 07, 2016

Frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] two years ago to benefit from the white policy and nostalgia ban and other factors, to a certain extent, boost the development of the LED stadium lights filament, but overall last year LED filament lamp Hot in the state, currently, LED filament lamp remains still in the development stage. backpfrontp Jie, general manager Chen Yongsheng Electronics fruit, said the overall terms last year, the filament lamp products are hype stage and into the following year, the filament lamp market began to slowly mature and move towards warming. backp Jie, general manager Chen Yongsheng Electronics fruit fruit backpfrontp Jie Electronics was established in late 2007, more than seven years, the high power led flood light has always focused their attention on the development of LED industry in China is unique LED package Silicone rubber brands, companies adhering to the stable quality, accurate delivery, fair price, customer satisfaction, quality policy, with advanced production equipment and experience to grow together with customers. backpfrontp It is understood that, in terms of 1000W LED flood light filament lamp kit also the fruit of electronic distribution, the company has been specializing in LED filament glue for several years, and there have been new products come out. backpfrontp 2013, the outstanding results of the 6042 series electronics production filament 360 LED silicone, well received by the market concerned; the second half of 2014, the company upgraded version 6048AB 6042 series came silica filament 360, and successfully nominated Golden Globe LED Engineering; 2015 the company once again heavy launch new RGB LED flood light filament glue 6020-14, and gain a good market response. backp Jie fruit plastic electronic LED filament 6020-14backpfrontp Chen Yongsheng introduction, LED filament glue 6020-14 excellent high temperature performance, when making the filament temperature test at 300 ℃, can withstand two filaments within 10 hours no cracks, which can be stored at room temperature, without refrigeration, shelf life of up to six months, in addition, the product is non-fogging, better handling, dispensing speed faster than ordinary products 30% -40%. backpfrontp It is understood that the current market LED arena light filament glue because the catalyst will produce volatile substances, resulting in long applied to the lamp is lit fog phenomenon. In addition, the glue storage conditions has also become one of the factors restricting customers to buy, you need to transport frozen glue has brought great inconvenience. backpfrontp our LED bay light Filament this gum 6020-14 no volatile substances in use, do not worry about fog phenomenon, in addition, the product does not require refrigeration, easy delivery, but also to customers save trouble to buy the refrigerator freezer glue. Chen Yongsheng said that this series of LED filament glue good use of technology, the viscosity is not high, smooth and good, is not flowing after dispensing the desired shape can be formed. backp Jie fruit electronic production workshop backpfrontp Chen Yongsheng said that for packaging companies, their product requirements, is nothing more than the precise word. Jie fruit and electronic products through the glue escalating, and to help companies do product testing, to really provide customers with accurate service. backpfrontp We have thermal shock, high temperature and humidity, UV destruction test, reflow test a full range of testing equipment. Chen Yongsheng noted that the company has been able to meet the full range of requirements including viscous, fluid resistance, curing, thermal shock of customers. After backpfrontp LED tunnel light filament glue dispensing 6020-14 molding, beautiful appearance, consistency, and has become more than well-known domestic LED packaging companies designated glue filament lamp. Chen Yongsheng said.