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What Wisdom Continued Hot LED Lighting Business To Do?

Jun 07, 2017

  LED stadium lights as an important part of the wisdom of the city, which has gone from traditional sodium to LED lights, smart LED lights, then the evolution of street wisdom. backpfrontp industry believes that to achieve the effective and efficient management of the city's street with wisdom and interconnection lighting, to promote the development of smart city. backpfrontp However, after the wisdom of illumination was mean thunder, little rain, implement a few.LED stadium lighting pole to monitor distribution status of the city as an example, which is facing the embarrassment of the information collection device distribution, public information publishing platform is missing, various monitoring systems and other fragmented situation. The street wisdom in practical applications, the majority of cases put into operation only realized the lights remote control only. backpfrontp So, wisdom lighting system should move toward the broader market, which need to cross the ridge? backpfrontp think deputy chief engineer of Shanghai JIANG dilute said that in the wisdom fiery background illumination, LED tunnel lights facing evolution, which not only plays the role of light , it is the node IntelliSense and network services. It carries information dissemination, information collection and information transmission and other functions. backpfrontp street wisdom we launched with the system, mainly with LED display, LED tennis court lighting, system integration solutions, powered LED arena lights screen through wisdom lights, publish weather conditions, real-time traffic, emergency evacuation messages. JIANG dilute representation, backpfrontp JIANG dilute introduced, the self-developed intelligence controller, can achieve a variety of hardware underlying protocol interoperability, and the application of the corrugated Overlapping RFID mobile object location tracking technology. backpfrontp addition to Shanghai think twice, Chau Ming technology introduced AI wisdom street also has multi-functional, it is not only equipped with a leak detection sensor, flood sensor, also equipped with a camera and WIFIAP.  Chau Ming science and technology R \u0026 D director Li Jianghai noted that the company will follow the product to make upgrading and optimization to achieve parking, and clear congestion, environmental protection,LED high bay lights emergency response, data collection, and other functions. backpfrontp in the drive power section, the waves Liu Wei, general manager of Hang faction said that to help the development of smart city, the company launched the intelligent constant power supply can drive smarter lighting integrated operational systems possible. backpfrontp our product when setting this parameter, without connection AC mains power, only chain transfer light, easy to operate, and the use of expansion cards can support multiple power supplies also set to further enhance efficiency. backpfrontp In addition, it can help customers respond quickly when bidding special parameters required to facilitate the customers for power commissioning and commissioning lamps, suitable for the customer the right amount of library equipment, to meet the needs of different projects. backpfrontp can be seen, for wisdom lighting, LED gym lights business segments are in their mettle, but the industry summarize, when the illumination of wisdom for system integration and compatibility, as well as the social effects and the actual value of each other, is truly wise lighting extensive promotion and application of the time. backp