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What's Playing This Year Addiction Inventory Lighting Giant Participate In Price Wars----OAK LED-flood-light

Sep 26, 2016

frontp the price war is the double-edged sword, on the one hand,stadium lights cater to the market at low prices, lower profits also reduces the quality of the final pay by the consumer; on the other hand, Forced enterprise innovation, optimize product. The second half, the price war will continue to fight, but the basic have bottomed out,led stadium light prices fell less and less space. Some small and medium enterprises in this price war may be shuffling, followed by the lighting industry will gradually become more rational development. Take a look at which companies have triggered a price war.stadium floodlights backpfrontp a Philips Philips backpfrontp from August 20, under 6.5W LED bulbs kill more than 7% off the original price 249 yuan to sell 169 yuan. And earlier, Philips T5, T8 lamps have begun to buy 10 get 1 free,high-power-led-flood-light or even buy 3 get 1 promotional activities! According to Liang, head of Xiamen Mida lighting, Philips Lighting, one of the largest agents, during the promotion, T5, T8 sales to double compared to the month. In addition, Philips launched in May in the North American market two lamp $ 5 bloody price, the industry shock. In the North American market terminal 2 $ 5 price calculation, deducted stores and brands of the profits,1000W-led-flood-light 60-watt LED bulb factory price of $ 1.5 per pieces, the price is not supply chain can not, cause the market price war will continue. backpfrontp Comment: As the LED indicator lighting manufacturers, Philips generous markdowns action in the field of civil lighting a ripple, some cheering, so promotions can greatly promote LED bulbs, some people worry,RGB-LED-flood-light Philips's goal is to guide price down, for market share, does not follow the brand factory will face the dilemma of the loss of market share. backpfrontp two, GEbackpfrontp led by Philips, GE also launched in June, GE Bright Stik LED, super shape not only popular, but also super cheap, a pack of three for only $ 10,led-bay-light that is one for only $ 3.33, but GE He said they do not plan to individual sales. backpfrontp Comments: $ 10 can buy a pack of three of Bright Stik LED is really compelling. GE Bright Stik LED with its main competitors \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; the price of five dollars equivalent 60WLED Philips compared somewhat less efficiency and brightness. backpfrontp three Cree backpfrontp May 27, Cree announced that its replacement of 75W BR30 LED9W floodlights prices, from the initial $ 20 to $ 15,led-tunnel-light a new second-generation bulbs will cost just $ 10, and the other 5000 K Lamp version for only $ 11. Philips SlimStyle BR30 LED than more price competitive. backpfrontp Comments: This 9-watt bulbs emit 650 lumens,tennis-court-lights equivalent to 65W incandescent bulbs, spent $ 7.8 compared to the annual energy consumption of incandescent LED bulbs only cost $ 1. The second-generation version of the bulb using a modified Cree LED, reducing the number of LED, but has the same light. But reducing the warranty period,gym-lights 10 years ago into a five-year version, this may indicate a Cree subtle strategic shift from a long-term value proposition changed to focus more on early appeal. backpfrontp Fourth, Op lighting backpfrontp Not long ago, a notice of transfer prices in a number of micro-letter groups, Op lighting strong attack in the second half for LEDT8 glass category, with the intensity of the impact of loss cost terminal market. The notice on the price to see,led-road-light Op lighting also posted a form in which the product prices and other information. Table data display: Op lighting products corresponding adjustment to each 9.90 yuan. As early as in April and May, Op lighting to let out, introductory price of 9.9 yuan a 1.2M LED T8 Tube for hardware channels. Op lighting learned from a dealer, 9.9 yuan lamp is a distributor statement, and required 500,000 from the set.led-street-lighting backpfrontp Comments: For LEDT8 lamp products, positioning Op lighting is a full channel large flow of products, Op lighting will be open to all channels of distribution channels to operate large wholesale distributors (retail channels might shut down the product rights). Op lighting in the home lighting a higher profit, but like bulb, lamp and other lighting products are not its strong suit. This price may be getting into the low-end market. backpfrontp V. backpfrontp Foshan Lighting Foshan Lighting began in May of this year dropped to 13.8 yuan 1.2m T8 After integration, sales soared, only in stores in Xiamen,China-led-light a distributor, sales exceeded 10,000 / month, this is just Sales activity during 15 days! Then, Foshan Lighting issued a price adjustment notice in mid-May, 1.2M of LED T8 tube glass, price from 13.5 yuan to 9.98 yuan. 3 orders amounted to more than one thousand can get. backpfrontp Comments: After the product sold, as well as the subsequent sale, and maintaining customer relationships, it is intangible assets for according to the Buddha, is the profit factor can continue to create. That is, sell it 10,000 T8, the subsequent market was Fozhao the master, followed probably 20000,30000 support the! Backpfrontp six Linsen lighting backpfrontp strong last year to enter the field of lighting Sen naturally not Within this 10 yuan miss T8 lamps feast. June, Linsen battle with T8 detonated Sen war broke out, this is mulinsen promote themselves and promote the industry transition point originator. It is understood that Linsen lamp lighting T8LED price hit the lowest 8.8 yuan / support, compared with 9.98 yuan Foshan Lighting / support and Op lighting of 9.9 yuan / support lower. Linsen lighting aluminum, plastic and glass material two kinds of lamps. Wherein the glass bulb orders amounted to more than ten thousand, according to the wholesale price of energy-saving 9 yuan / support to the goods. Sen believes, T8 lamp just detonated the war points,bay-light while Sen will open up for the rapid spread of LED last kilometer war. backpfrontp Comments: Linsen battle with T8 tubes detonated since the start of the war Mori, local market rapid response, Hunan, Gansu, Hubei have launched the theme of the straight tube, the activity of a cool summer tube section. June 28 --7 15, terminal distribution customers and consumers can enjoy T8 aluminum plastic tube 12.8 yuan / branch of freezing prices. Wuhan major lighting stores appear simultaneously mulinsen figure, more than 800 points of sale and promotion of self-organization Linsen tube section, enhanced lighting Linsen terminal market influence and visibility. backpfrontp seven backpfrontp under NVC NVC Lighting products are price war pressure decreased by 20% -30%, LED T8 tube to take it, just listing price of 100 yuan / or so, prices have been stable in 2014 at 40 yuan / support, but even in this case, NVC's products in Shanghai market is still able to maintain high sales.