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Week News | 8 Months Ago Lighting Plant Exports Over 16 Million US Dollars In The First Three Quarters Of Taiwanese LED Market Bleak

Feb 18, 2017

 precipitated a long time good product website (http://www.gg-goodled.com/) back on line, the style is more modern, to support of partners and more diversified. backpfrontp 2015 Micro - Letter vote Engineering LED stadium lights Golden Globe, as of now, total number of votes has been close to 110,000 votes times. Micro-channel has been voted to the final stage, from the voting deadline of October 26, only 10 days. backpfrontp market direction backpfrontp 1, the next 3 - - 5 years Plant China LED lighting industry will show rapid growth momentum, by the declining number of domestic agricultural jobs, declining per capita arable land and other factors stimulation, the number of Chinese plant factory will rapidly increase in the future, and then LED stadium lighting plant lighting needs to stimulate rapid growth. backpfrontp 2, with the decline in gross profit in the LED industry, mergers and acquisitions within the industry consolidation intensified, not only help to improve the industry concentration, who are also outstanding development and expansion of the timing and scope of the advantage of having the leading technology companies. aggravated backpfrontp 3, the degree of homogeneity of the phosphor, profit margins become smaller, but still high demand to be met. backpfrontp 4, today's lighting market, compete to lower prices, each package promotional banner branded device constantly forced to quickly occupied the high power LED lighting market Heights. Thus, at this time of CSP homeopathy and health, indeed to a large extent solve customer requirements for product cost. backpfrontp 5, LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) survey, it is estimated that by 2017, the Chinese LED street light industry can break the ice usher in a new round of development in the spring. The accompanying, but also further the development of outdoor power LED. backpfrontp 6, 2015, the global 1000W LED flood light market demand slowdown, to further promote the already oversupply in the market competition has become more intense, Taiwan LED market competitiveness in the global LED market continues to weaken, therefore, GGII believes that Taiwan LED market in the second half to pick up or just some people's paranoia. backpfrontp listed companies backpfrontp 1, October 15, LED lighting listed company's third quarter results notice discovered fourfold drop. Dry according to optical, Abby, Ruifeng power, back to the days of new materials four companies attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit both fell compared with the previous year. backpfrontp 2, three optical olfactory LED tunnel lights industry initiative, a subsidiary of three Anji Cheng intends to invest 140 million shareholder loan Sanan integrated projects. backpfrontp 3, Hongli Opto-electronic receiving agency investigation, said another vehicle networking is the future direction of development of the company, the future will actively create LED main business + Internet + car finance ecological networking platform. backpfrontp 4, Aihua Group in July 2015 approved a special fund of 32 million yuan. October 14 announcement that received government grants first pen 17.33 million yuan of special funds. backpfrontp 5, Mason Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan on photovoltaic and natural Zhang jointly set up a joint venture company invested 10,000 million Wanrun Changchun Optical Co., Ltd., to further develop the domestic LED arena lighting products market. backpfrontp 6, Kyushu photoelectric directed to issue 124.5 million shares in the new board of RMB 2 yuan per share, raising funds 2.49 million yuan, subscribed by the core staff. backpfrontp large data backpfrontp 1, plant factories in China because of the time the application is not long, the current LED lighting products plant in China's 90 percent export. GGII statistics show that in 2015 January - - August China LED gym lights plant lighting outlet size of about 16.83 million US dollars, an increase of 54%. backpfrontp 2, GGII senior analyst Li Sheng said the 2015 Q3 quarter a total of five LED practitioners to obtain government subsidies of different projects, a total of about 390 million yuan. backpfrontp 3, LED high bay lights production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) statistics show that three quarters of 2015, Taiwan's six listed companies sapphire substrate total revenue 375 million yuan, down 32.7 percent, a decrease of 25.1%; 5 chip listing Enterprise total revenues 1.686 billion yuan, down 27 percent, a decrease of 13.6; 10 LED package listed companies total revenues 3.165 billion yuan, down 23 percent, a decrease of 8%. backpfrontp 4, Jilin Liaoyuan City of Industry, Commerce and Industry Bureau commissioned nominal Zhongshan, Hangzhou, Haining City, and other production and sales of LED lighting business conducted random testing, 16 groups, 14 groups of samples in the sample is judged failed, failed 87.5%. backpfrontp look overseas backpfrontp 1, Sharp announced that it has co-developed LED tennis court lights and drive moth Japan Hiroshima Institute of Agricultural Technology Center, in order to prevent nocturnal pest damage crops, and minimize the impact of light on crops. backpfrontp 2, Germany intelligent lighting technology experts HeliospectraAB company related European patent application recently approved by the European Patent Office, the patent includes optimization LED lighting plant culture and how to improve the efficiency of future greenhouse environment. backpfrontp 3, Japanese enterprises to launch built-24GHz radar developed LED street lighting products, in addition to a precision better than the usual infrared human sensor for high-precision sensors, can also be used to detect respiratory status. backpfrontp 4, India's Uttar Pradesh to sell 200,000 to 9.75 yuan special offer LED bulbs in local city Pilibite encourage residents to phase out traditional incandescent bulbs. backp