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Wang Tak Lighting 'autumn Offensive' Launched A Comprehensive Product Upgrade Prelude

Jan 05, 2017

 Following the successful launch spring offensive in the first half, a few days ago, our company was officially launched in autumn offensive in the country are carrying out product updates, dosage does not increase promotional activities, up none by more than 25 percent, a move aimed at pushing the LED stadium lights product popularity, but also opened the market to compete for the autumn and winter 2015 LED stadium lighting prelude to war. backpbackpfrontp autumn offensive of Jiangxi, Hubei backpfrontp autumn election campaign opener in Jiangxi and Hubei, Germany, Hong lighting carefully arranged the venue, century-old brand Steller lighting, Germany, Hong lighting stunning debut new products. Two places were hundreds of dealers Germany Hong and Steller two brands of lighting products showed a great deal of enthusiasm and sales market is very promising, under extremely hot scene single warm atmosphere.led high bay light Wherein Wuhan dealer meeting site to complete orders 4.13 million yuan,1000W led flood light the same day receipt of cash (including credit card) 273 million; Nanchang dealer meeting site to complete orders 3.12 million yuan, the latter is expected to be added to the more than 400 million yuan, the same day receive cash (including credit card) 110 million. The successful completion of the second half of the sales task laid a solid foundation.German autumn offensive launched Hong lighting, high power LED flood light prices skim the foam, erected a benchmark for the whole industry, with Germany, Hong lighting autumn offensive in the expanded throughout the country, can be expected that 2015 will be Germany, Hong lighting blowout year.