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Very Serious Consequences! Golden Globe Awards 2015 Engineering Open Anti Brush Ticket Voting Patterns

Mar 06, 2017

 2015 Golden Globe Award for Engineering LED stadium lights voting phase micro-channel is also only five days. I see micro-channel votes are Cengceng rub to rise every day. backpfrontp good season this year, but unfortunately there is always a bad thing. backpfrontp some companies got the idea to vote very, mobilize business people to visit customers every time out,stadium lighting or the companies and suppliers brothers when they were invited to cast their valuable votes, one vote, one vote cumulative; but also some companies to micro-Letter Voting got the idea too far, to launch their own employees to vote a day, or the irresponsible false identity in the name of high power LED flood light industry chain to vote. backpfrontp This is a bit contrary to the Engineering LED Golden Globe Award organized activities in mind? backpfrontp LED industry Golden Globe Award has lasted five sessions, the aim is for the industry to select the most word of mouth a good product. I learned from the organizing committee at the 2015 Golden Globe Award for Engineering 1000W LED flood light learned that the organizing committee will be in a fair and open principles of fairness, each ticket data check, the following situations will be considered invalidated: backpfrontp 1 , candidates for their own employees where the business vote; backpfrontp 2, non-LED tunnel lighting industry chain-related enterprises; backpfrontp 3, voting registration information is incorrect. backpfrontp Organizing Committee said that once the audit is invalidated, the relentless ticket times will be deleted, and inform the involved companies, especially if it involves enterprises still insists,RGB led flood light the committee will issue a warning letter, if it involves enterprises will advise fell on deaf ears, there may be canceled Eligibility. backpfrontp This is not a laughing matter. Now to participate in the selection, of course, is the product of their own have enough confidence,led airport light followed by also winning the prize to go and ran. If this is as good as others,led gym lights defeated in the voting and selection, it also Yuanbuderen; but if it is because of some heretical cut corners, not only lose eligibility, will have a bad influence in the industry, worth the candle.