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Use One Lamp Or Multiple Lamps

Jan 18, 2021

Use one lamp or multiple lamps?

Many people start with a lot of lights, but to be honest, this is usually a field where less is more. Start by using only one light. When you are satisfied with the quality and location of the light, if you think you need to add a second light (maybe a hair light or a background light), then turn off the first light. Adjust the second light before turning on the first light again until the effect you need is achieved. When doing this, don't forget the effect of the first light (remember, beautiful window light often comes from a window). Therefore, only turn on one light at a time when lighting, which will get better results.

Softbox, the bigger the better

The larger the softbox, the softer the light and the better the light package, and it will make it easier to illuminate multiple subjects at the same time.

The higher the power of the strobe, the better

Ninety-nine percent of the time, we only use 1/4 or lower power of studio strobe lights. This is because we always place the light very close to the subject (the closer the softbox is to the subject, the softer and beautiful the light will be). If the light is turned on brighter, it will be too bright. Most of the time, we let the lights work at the lowest power setting, and there are few opportunities to use the maximum power provided by the strobe light.