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US DLC Expansion Items Increased Product Certification Requirements DLC V3.1 Detailed Technical Specifications

Feb 27, 2019

   frontpDLC on November 20, 2015 release V3.1 version, effective the date of publication! less than six months, DLC to update the technical specifications,LED stadium lights the new standard for everyone to bring a lot of surprises, the new category have we always consult the wall mounted lamp and common corn lights. backpfrontp DLC V3.1 version update brief backpfrontp new DLC on November 20, 2015 release V3.1 version,LED stadium lighting effective the date of publication. The new version is an upgrade of the old version, product categories and performance requirements follows the basic version V3.0, V3.0 before does not affect the next version has already applied to the product or application. V3.1 version of the main changes reflected in the increased market demand for a larger number of manufacturers and product categories. backpfrontp increase product categories described as follows: backpfrontp 1, E39 lamp HID bulb replacement class (Lamp) product backpfrontp currently only accept TYPE B (built-in power products) and TYPE C (with external power supplies). Does not accept TYPE A (applicable in the HID ballast back end product),High power led flood light does not accept the E26 lamp bulb products. backpfrontp need to specify the type suitable for the installation of lighting, in the specified test fixture types. Now you can with the applicable lamps are the following seven categories. Performance requirements and the corresponding fixture DLC category Standard level requirements consistent. backpfrontp you can choose to apply for more than one category, respectively, on the need for a number of different categories of lighting products in testing. backpbackpfrontp 2, 1000W LED flood lights do not cut the light type (Non-cutoff) and the half-light type (Semi -cutoff) wall mounting area lighting backpfrontp long as the products in the vertical angle of 0-90 \u0026 deg; within the optical performance to the original wall mounting area lighting requirements , LED high bay lights you can apply for this category in accordance with DLC. Original standard light up for the request can not be more than 3% of the product, change the name of a truncated light type (Full-cutoff) wall mount area lighting fixtures in the current standard. backpfrontp 3, expand the original TYPE C Type 0.6 m and 1.2 m lamp Product Category backpfrontp original standard 1.2 m tube can be installed only applicable two lamp 2 x 4 Medallions, modify as may be installed in the application 2,3,4 root lamp 2 x 4 Medallions in. Original standard 0.6 m tube can be installed only applicable three lamp 2 x 2 Medallions, modify as may be installed in the application root 2,3,4 lamp 2 x 2 Medallions in. backpfrontp 4,LED gym lights increasing the replacement appliance products DLC recommended suitable luminaire models backpfrontp one of the more interesting is the addition of the linear light source suitable for indoor directional lighting in this category. backpfrontp Since the expansion of sub-standard entries upgrade product testing involves a variety of US manufacturer of lamps, Reed measuring team has a rainy day, we will give all the relevant lamps ready, wait for your call! backpfrontp above is updated DLC V3.1 specification information, more complete details, see the contact Reed specific measurement testing team communication! Thank you! backp