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Two Pen Device Purchase Order Guoxing For Overweight Packaging Business

Mar 06, 2017

 gold nine silver ten if it has not come to an end, while many domestic LED stadium lights packaging factory did not stop the pace of expansion. backpfrontp country star power (002449.SZ) as large domestic LED stadium lighting packaging, on October 19 announcement that the first field of microelectronics and ASM signed the purchase contract of equipment, to the two equipment manufacturers to buy a batch of leads bonding machines and high-speed die placement machine. backpfrontp wire bonders and die placement machines belong to the packaging equipment, it is understood, the country star power equipment above two companies has been a good relationship of cooperation. The purchase of equipment is for the company to prepare for the next expansion, which is one of 2014 related to equity investment projects. Country star power Dr. Li Cheng, deputy general manager told the 'Engineering LED'. backpfrontp fact, this year the overall 1000W LED flood light market is not good, however, in the LED market weak environment, the country star power with a leading product technology and excellent product quality, market demand for its LED devices have been stable increase. Lee Cheng said the company's external purchasing production equipment at this time is based on the actual needs of the business of sustainable development. He also revealed that the expansion of packaging capacity, especially for small pitch LED tennis court lights display devices and lighting with white LED device orientation. backpfrontp although slightly weaker market, but the fourth quarter is expected to LED airport lights packaging market as a whole to be better next year. Li Cheng said, so at this point the introduction of related equipment, will help the company raise investment project implementation and accomplishment, is conducive to further expand its production scale, thus providing our customers with more cost-competitive products and services, and further enhance the company's overall market competitiveness. backp