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Tsinghua University Department Of Continued Consolidation Assets: 7,000,000,000 Shares The Same Side With The Side Of Equity Transfer Guoxin A Series Of Recent Major Acquisition

Jun 08, 2017

  Purple shares (000,938) can be described as pocketed the attention of the capital market, with the Tsinghua University Department of listed companies, LED stadium lights shares the same side (600100) also started to move up. backpfrontp Tongfang November 2 night announcement, the proposed price of 31.75 yuan / share transfer its holdings Guoxin Tongfang (002049) 36.39% of the shares to Unisplendour Group subsidiary wholly owned subsidiary of violet Chunhua, a total of 7.01 billion yuan trading . Upon completion of the transfer, the Company's shareholding percentage Tongfang Guoxin fell from 41.38% 4.99%, with Fang Guoxin no longer be included in the consolidation scope. Meanwhile, Tongfang and Tsinghua Holdings signed a 'share transfer agreement of intent,LED stadium lighting the proposed transferee Tsinghua Holdings held by Habitat clear control of not less than 80% of the equity of Shenzhen and held by Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. Thailand 40% stake . Stakeholders backpfrontp According to the company, the companies involved in a transaction to sell one to buy two related, but there is one small step for the integration of assets of Tsinghua Holdings, one of the Tsinghua Tongfang Holding as an important asset integration platform, the future, or there will be more associated with the company's main business and high-quality assets with synergies injection. High power led flood light data show that the transfer of shares in the target company Tongfang core countries is one of the leading IC design companies, including smart cards and secure terminal integrated circuit chip business and special services, etc., by the same party and the country's microelectronics microelectronics two core child Companies bear. The Purple Group back in the early days on the establishment of the integrated circuit chip and science communications real estate and other major business segments, with the side in line with the country's main business core Unisplendour Group's main business development strategy. backpfrontp and shares the same side since 2012 industrial restructuring,1000W led flood light have been identified in the technology industry as the leading financial construction investment and science and technology parks for the two wings of the development strategy, apparently in the Department of Tsinghua University Tongfang Guoxin been inconsistent with the development strategy of the contractor's shares. Tongfang core countries in 2015 three quarterly show, the company realized revenue of 558 million the first three quarters,LED tunnel lights net profit of 133 million yuan. backpfrontp announcement shows the clear control of the target company transferee Habitat is relying on leading-edge research, Tsinghua University, Professor academicians who proposed settlements Worked scientific theory as a guide, using IDBO (investment, design, construction, operation) Four bit one of the operating mode,LED arena lights is committed to a green low-carbon, innovation intelligent, intensive and efficient, the city produced symbiotic Habitat urbanization system solutions integrated operators. Clear control of the Habitat currently has 21 national professional qualifications, 142 related professional unit, business areas cover industry and policy research, urban and infrastructure, construction and other six business areas. Data show that in 2014 the company achieved operating income of 2.917 billion yuan,LED high bay lights net profit of 105 million yuan. backpfrontp another transferee Huarong target company is mainly engaged in the Thai equity investment, asset management, mergers and acquisitions consultant, venture capital and investment securities, and other services. As of June 30, 2015, Huarong Thailand holds (000,068) 26.43% stake in Hua control SEG joint 56.06% stake in cement (HK.01312). Data show that in 2014 Thailand Huarong operating income 1.341 billion yuan, net profit of 059 million yuan. backpfrontp Tongfang said, according to the unified deployment of Tsinghua industrial development, Tsinghua Unisplendour Group Holding intends to build a world-class field of integrated circuit enterprise group, and proceed to the IC industry operating assets for strategic restructuring and business adjustments. Therefore, LED tennis court lights the company with the overall deployment of Tsinghua industrial restructuring and reform, with 36.39% of the shares held by the Company intends square Guoxin Unisplendour Group sold to a wholly owned subsidiary purple Chunhua. 7.012 billion yuan the company received cash proceeds will be mainly used for industry mergers and acquisitions and primary industry. backpfrontp In addition, shares the same side that, in the new urbanization background, Tsinghua Holdings human living environment business into the company, and the company's existing smart cities, public safety, environmental protection and other related sectors to form an effective coordination, integration and interactive form covering all aspects of city life the great wisdom of city blocks. On the business model, the injection of clear control Habitat, further to the company's existing hardware and software products, integration and operation services based business model, up to strategic consulting and planning from the front end design, facilities and product design in the end provide backend built maintenance services to the whole industry chain service investment operations. backp