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Tovey Lighting Trap Dilemma Of Funding Strand Breaks, Said Liansu Electrical Involved Cheated

Dec 30, 2016

 Foshan City Touve Environmental stadium Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tovey lighting) funding strand breaks incident is still fermenting. backpfrontp September 22, reported the funding strand breaks Tovey lighting issue, China Liansu affiliates Liansu Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Liansu Electric under) involved. backpfrontp had Tovey lighting claiming United Plastics Group shares the Tovey lighting, many suppliers conclude that suffered a blinded, causing losses to continue to expand supply,led stadium light also called for the prosecution UPG some responsibility. backpfrontp However, Liansu Electric also released a statement saying, Tovey lighting cooperation intention to reach and not United Plastics Group, but Liansu Electric, its also been deceived, provided the borrower become creditors.yesterday (September 23), high power led flood light Tovey lighting final statement acknowledged, it is Liansu Electric offers loans, things are not so far agreed shares. backpfrontp Liansu Electric said cheated backpfrontp September 17, Tovey lighting due to funding strand breaks into a corner, a number of suppliers door beg for money, the staff is to discuss wage arrears. According to 'Foshan Daily' reported that Tovey lighting owed money only reached 180 million yuan, according to incomplete statistics, involving a total of 665 outstanding suppliers. 1000W led flood light worth noting that to become suppliers recover the money and saying Tovey lighting objects except itself, as well as United Plastics Group. July 30, Tovey lighting published on its official website a message that the United Plastics Group, a formal stake in Foshan Tovey, has become the second largest shareholder of Foshan Tovey. Its official website also said that UPG hardware channels, channels and other projects will be shared with Foshan Tovey,led tunnel light help companies scramble the top three industries. backpfrontp this news came out, it was concerned that funding issues Tovey lighting supplier, this intention to withdraw from the supply system, but think Liansu such a big group also shares, the company should be able to shore up, to continue to supply, causing losses widen a. Insiders who know the matter of representation, therefore, after Tovey lighting funding strand breaks,led arena light some suppliers also find Liansu discussion to say. backpfrontp However, on September 22, China Liansu affiliates in the major sites Liansu Electric issued a statement stamped with the company seal, it said Liansu Electric is to provide only loan to Tovey lighting, but Tovey lighting conceal debt ,led high bay light failed to reach a partnership. backpfrontp addition, Liansu Electric also said Tovey lighting cooperation reached with the intention nor the United Plastics Group, but Liansu electrical. Tovey lighting published information belonging to mislead the public and deceive other creditors information Liansu electrical lighting actually deceived by Tovey Tovey to become creditors of the company, which has sent a lawyer's letter Tovey lighting requirements to clarify the facts,tennis court lights to eliminate influence, and will further the company's legal liability Tovey. backpfrontp online statement about Tovey lighting is issued by the company, the company did not stake Tovey lighting. Liansu electrical staff said representation. backpfrontp Tovey lighting admit the truth backpfrontp fact, Tovey lighting eventually also yesterday (September 23) released a statement recognizing only to Liansu electrical borrowings,gym lights as of now there is no agreement on the loan conversion issues. backpfrontp Chinese Liansu Annual Report 2014 shows that Liansu Electric Co., Ltd. and China Liansu are affiliated companies, both with the same actual controller Huang Jubilee. backpfrontp from the national enterprise credit information publicity system query information found Tovey lighting by mortgage 5670 machine equipment,led street lighting won 2.7687 billion, mortgage artificial Liansu Electric Co. The chattel mortgage registration time information for the July 30, the same as in the preceding Tovey lighting its official website United Plastics Group shares the message of date. backpfrontp meanwhile, found Tovey lighting in addition to the September 23 statement merely borrowed money Liansu Electric, will also its official website after United Plastics Group shares Tovey news messages deleted. backpfrontp Tovey lighting company chairman Liang Qipeng also consult with the parties to find ways to rescue the reorganization. Insiders said aware of this representation. backpfrontp Afterward, the reporter repeatedly call Liang Qipeng phone has not been answered. backp