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Tongfang COB Spotlight And Taihu Lake Bridge Project Wishful Engineering Golden Globe Race---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 05, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] 2015 Engineering LED stadium lights Golden Globe voting session has begun, COB ceiling spotlights Heshan Tongfang and Suzhou Lakeside Park Center Plaza landscape works are to compete Engineering LED Golden Globe team. backpfrontp Tongfang COB ceiling spotlights years of relying on Neo-Neon Holdings LED industry experience and strong professional and Tsinghua Tongfang Optical Research Laboratory, to develop new technologies for the commercial lighting market LED street lighting; cooperation with the world's leading LED manufacturers, research and development for business lighting market, high color, accurate color temperature, high light efficiency of high-power LED chips, LM80 certification through the United States, to enhance the effect of optical, electronic, mechanical, thermal management and other aspects, to maximize the features of the new high power LED flood light source, to ensure lamps stable, well. backpfrontp the spotlight precisely control the distribution of light, reducing the number of overflow of light, so that uniform illumination at the same time, the edge light type back halo more perfect. backpbackpfrontp Meanwhile, spotlights with international top brands of 95% high reflectivity mirrors made of aluminum through high-temperature vacuum plating, after 10,000 hours of durability testing, never fade, it can be the high power led flood light emitted from the LED nearly complete capture, from Fundamentally maximizing the luminous efficiency of the lamp.Neo-Neon Holdings owns the world's leading lighting coating production lines, caused by dusting, durable surface treatment, after treatment process 11 surface electrostatic spray technology is made, not only has the perfect texture, but also improve the cooling effect, and subjected to After up to 300 hours of salt spray test is still undamaged. Especially the spotlights on the ring to have a perfect face clear white effect,1000W LED flood light it is the engineers after numerous trial and error to achieve.  The spotlights can achieve true 350 \u0026 deg; horizontal rotation, 25 \u0026 deg; vertical rotation, and can accurately locate, there are no hidden corners of the inner circumference of the irradiation can be achieved by a full range of precision irradiation, meet top display lighting applications for flexible lighting supreme Claim. Main products have been certified by Korea KC, also has applied for domestic CCC certification; E-land has been installed in South Korea's major brands of global chain, mainly for high-end commercial led bay lights market, the perfect optical experience, exquisite color reproduction, intelligent control system management, has been the major domestic and super stores recognition. While the central square of the Lake District, Suzhou Wujiang Taihu wishful bridge the quality of the projects in line with 'urban road landscape lighting project construction and acceptance of' construction standards,led tunnel light in strict accordance with the design documents and construction requirements for approval of copies. The indicators meet the design, the relevant national technical rules, norms, standards. It is understood that the project all fixtures using high quality LED arena light source, energy saving compared with traditional light sources as high as more than 60%, while at the same time enhance the luminous efficiency of about 50%, life expectancy upgrade six times, not only a large number of energy-saving, more savings in maintenance cost and replacement cost. More worth mentioning is the use of intelligent control mode, you can adjust the different effects and brightness depending on the scene, to achieve energy saving effect. While using intelligent time switch mode, the switching time of strict control lighting, avoid light pollution but also to save energy. The project backpfrontp all aluminum lamp used diffusion plate,RGB led flood light copper wire and other materials are the use of environmentally friendly materials in line with the national standard, it does not pollute the water, soil, etc., and is recyclable. Low-voltage lighting configuration, and all of the plug connectors, tees are made in factories disposable beer note, ensure the stability of the wiring, and also to prevent water and other problems, and installation of lighting in the factory underwent a short-circuit and Leakage test, fundamentally eliminate the leakage and other risk factors. backp