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Today LED News | Philips Push The Blue LED Wearable Medical Devices Intended Beneficial Up To 80 Million Yuan Capital Increase Two Subsidiaries

May 31, 2017

  Philips introduced the blue LED stadium lights wearable medical devices backpfrontp Philips recently introduced the use of UV blue LED lighting assembly help with mild or moderate plaque psoriasis (also called psoriasis) to control the disease in patients with the second generation of innovative wearable medical devices. backpfrontp blue LED mainly by inducing a change in the skin's natural process of plaque symptoms. Blue plaque psoriasis by inhibiting cell division to help accelerate skin renewal. backpfrontp Philips BlueControl is a mild anti-ultraviolet light therapy device, visible light-induced skin natural role to significantly reduce the degree of skin redness, extended degree and thickness. UV blue LED stadium lighting therapy device by 40 high-intensity blue LED light tailored. backpfrontp Philips is BlueControl designed a low-key bundled components, capable of providing energy to the battery, the patient can be fixed in various parts of the body, in order to play a role in soothing the disease. backpfrontp 2, the real benefits of the proposed 80 million yuan capital increase of two subsidiaries backpfrontp November 2, Sea Star (002 137) announced that the company subsidiary in order to further support the development of yuan-hatch,high power led flood light while meeting the needs of its business, the company intends yuan 55 million yuan capital increase subscribed through hatch Yuantong new registered capital of 19 million yuan hatch. backpfrontp The capital increase is completed, the registered capital will be changed Yuantong hatch 1 million yuan to 2,000 yuan, the remaining capital increase funds included in capital surplus, the company holds yuan-equity ratio is still 100 percent hatch. backpfrontp beneficial up, he said the company intends to increase 55 million yuan yuan-incubator hatching new yuan-subscribed registered capital of 19 million yuan,1000W LED flood light and the remaining funds included in capital surplus. backpfrontp real benefits of recurrence announcement said the company in order to further support business development subsidiary of the real benefits of lighting, and promote beneficial up to lighting the sustained and healthy development, as well as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the core backbone personnel of the subsidiary, to further improve the ownership structure, optimizing the corporate governance structure, the company capital increase of 25.752 million yuan to the beneficial lighting. backpfrontp After the capital increase completed, the real benefits of the registered capital of 11 million yuan lighting will be changed to $ 30 million, and the remaining capital funds included in capital surplus, the company holds equity ratio will be beneficial up to lighting 100% to 93.89% decline . backpfrontp According to announcements, a subsidiary of the real benefits of LED lighting main business is the design, development, production and sales of LED lighting products, LED tennis court lights and LED displays, LED driver power supply and control system; LED chip packaging and sale. backpfrontp 3, Op hand the Dutch company or to subvert the US and European LED market backpfrontp 2015 年 10 28, China lighting leading brand \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Op lighting with headquarters in Amsterdam Seaborough company signed a technical cooperation agreement to jointly will be the world's first general-purpose oneTLED LED lamp technology incorporated into the development and manufacture LED lamp. The technical cooperation or existing US and European LED market will have a huge impact, and even subvert the LED high bay lights market in Europe and America. backpfrontp Netherlands is the cradle of the world's lighting industry, foster a number of lighting giant, this cooperation under the witness of the Dutch royal family, Op Dutch company signed a breakthrough technology cooperation agreement, the Chinese lighting industry, is undoubtedly a huge milestone, Op lighting is also expected to take this opportunity to further promote the strategic expansion of globalization. International cooperation backpfrontp this, with the help of high-tech or will achieve Op international brand fast break, which is undoubtedly the construction of the company's international strategy important turning point and inflection point. backpfrontp 4, backlit billion light reflux + New support backpfrontp performance is expected to increase slightly with the recent orders reflux TV backlight, lighting ship stability, as well as another new product production and reinvestment lighting company into the new design, fourth-quarter revenue is expected to have chance slight warming over the previous quarter. backpfrontp billion light over the past 10 years to maintain revenue growth, but in 2015 due to the overall economic correction and monitor industrial restructuring and fierce competition in lighting, LED arena lights continuous decline in value, annual revenue estimates earnings will decline. backpfrontp wherein the third quarter of this year by weak demand and LED panel backlight decline in value, not the busy season, single-quarter revenue similar to the previous quarter, but the effect of a devaluation helped NT outer margin and industry exchange gains, preliminary estimates suggest that profit still flat. backpfrontp reported, billion light industrial area located gong Zhongxing new plant will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2015, and formally entered the refurbishment of the transfer in 2016 will continue to import new SMD production line. Early will be automotive lighting, infrared and other high-end applications products. backpfrontp 5, Lehman shares suspended on major issues backpfrontp November 2, Lehman shares (300162) announced that the company is planning major issues, intends to issue shares and pay cash to acquire assets of the target company's main business is advertising media field. According to regulations,LED gym lights the company shares suspended since Nov. 2, 2015 in the morning the market opened. backpfrontp company promises major issues of this suspension does not exceed 5 days, the company will determine the matter as soon as possible during the suspension is in accordance with planning major asset reorganization to continue the suspension, resumption if the company fails to apply for extension or application within the said period without Shenzhen Stock consent, the company will be in accordance with the relevant provisions in the five trading days after the relevant announcement in time and apply for shares resume trading. backpfrontp 6, a major asset restructuring progress suspension Feile Audio-Visual backpfrontp November 2, Feile Audio-Visual (600651) announcement that the company intends to planning a major asset purchase matters, the company shares suspended since 19 October 2015. backpfrontp Currently, the company is actively studying the relevant issues of this major asset restructuring, promote the work of this major asset reorganization involved. During backpfrontp suspension, the company will be based on the progress of major asset restructuring, the timely implementation of information disclosure obligations, published once every five days related matters progress, to be held after the completion of related work the Board to consider a major asset restructuring plan or report, timely announcement and resume trading. backp