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Three Trillion Market 'new Cake' Urgently Eating! LED Lighting Usher In A New Round Of 'expansion Phase'?

Dec 13, 2016

 This year in July, the news from the Guangzhou subway operations center, which lasted nearly two years of Metro Line LED stadium lights energy-efficient lighting demonstration project recently completed, 14 subway stations The public area lighting system altogether replace the LED lamps 7527 sets the station overall illumination uniformity than the transformation of a 10% increase, the average annual electricity savings will reach 2.45 million degrees. backpfrontp For comprehensive renovation of this LED lighting project, the Guangzhou Metro also said that taking into account the better LED lighting energy saving effect, since a line of Post VI of all new lines, stations and public areas are designed for general lighting use LED stadium lights. In addition, among the old line, part of the 1st line station is currently being carried out LED lights transformation, while the rest of the line until after the expiration of the original lamp life will also be gradually replaced. backp Guangzhou \u0026 middot; Metro Line LED energy-efficient lighting demonstration project backpfrontp face rail transport market in recent years, the rapid development of infrastructure (except the subway industry, including rail, tram, magnetic levitation transportation hubs and other cities), they are enormous prospects can be expected to exist, it is tantamount to the majority of LED street lighting manufacturers to bring development opportunities. So, this market will be? Engineering LED to find out. backpfrontp urgently eating cake backpfrontp With new countries after the introduction of 'Underground spaces lighting with LED lighting technical specifications,' the standardization system rail LED lighting will tend to improve national relevant supporting policies favorable environment constantly. Supply LED lighting compared with conventional lamps, LED tunnel light has high energy saving applications in rail transportation, environmental protection, shock resistance, stability and other advantages. Because of rail transport for lighting stability factor, higher shock resistance, and high energy consumption, the LED is well suited for rail transport. Wu Feng, general manager of Spike told Engineering photoelectric LED bay light. But before that, let us look at a set of data impending future :( Guangdong Province) backpfrontp 1), Canton track: Guangzhou urban rail lines by 20 and 11 consisting of the Pearl River Delta intercity rail lines, wire mesh the total mileage of 1164 km; line network in 2010, based on the 2020 line network increased Line eastern extension (Panyu Square - clean), fourth line north-south extension cord (Jinzhou - Information Park, Huangcun - West Water) , fifth line eastern extension (Wen Chong - Huangpu Ferry Terminal), line six eastern extension (Hornsey - Yonghe), seventh line (Guangzhou South Railway Station - Dasha East), the north extension of line eight (Culture Park - Baiyun), the 10th line (Sports West - Dongsha), 11th line (Link), number twelve lines (Chatou - University of South), ten Line (Huang Gang - Xintang, something fast lane) No. 14 and branch (from the line of and knowledge of the city line), the 16th line (Xintang - Licheng, Licheng line), number twenty line (Guangzhou South Railway Station - Pazhou, contact Express Passenger Station) and white Etan contact Express (Guangzhou South Railway Station - White Swan Pond), the total mileage of 677 km line network. backpfrontp 2), Shenzhen track: 2030, it is expected to build 16 lines, the total length of 585.3 km; to 2040,led arena light the Guangzhou rail transit will be 20 urban rail lines and 11 consisting of the Pearl River Delta intercity rail line, total line network mileage 1164Km, where the city line 811Km, intercity lines (Guangzhou) is approximately 350Km; backpfrontp 3), other cities: Foshan rail to 2030, planning eight lines, totaling 318.712 km / Dongguan track will be four lines and an intercity A suburban railway (Guangshen suburban railway) constitute a total length of 264.2 km / Huizhou track been planned six lines, the total length of 247.5 km / Zhuhai track in 2050, will build nine rail lines, including six intercity rail lines and 3 urban rail line, the entire rail transit network will reach a total length of 233.8 km / Zhongshan orbit until 2050 plans to build six urban rail,led high bay light with a total length of 153.08 km; backpfrontp addition, the PRD major high-speed rail project: Guangzhou, Shenzhen Sunshine City Rail Hong Kong and Shenzhen Eastern Corridor, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity, Guangzhou Dongguan-Shenzhen inter-city, inter-city wide prayer beads, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity Hajime Guangfo Link, Buddha Dongguan-Shenzhen inter-city, inter-city Guanghui (Guangzhou - Qingyuan, Zhongshan - Humen, Dongguan - Huizhou, Zhaoqing - Nansha, Shenzhen - Huizhou, Zhuhai - Shenzhen, Jiangmen - Enping, Zhuhai - Doosan, Humen - Yantian, Shenzhen - Maoming line), inter-provincial rail link: Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong PDL, Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway, GGR, south-Canton Railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail projects in coastal high-speed, etc., will also add an inline Guangdong LED stadium lighting industry a huge opportunity for development. backpfrontp listed above may only be part of the project is far from fact to these, there are railways, trams, magnetic levitation and the like. In addition to being China's rail transit operators are Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and other ten cities, and more than 40 cities in the construction or build subway and light rail and other urban rail transit facilities. backpfrontp LED lighting applications in urban rail transit promising broad prospects for development, is the new blue ocean LED market segments. While rail transport as an important window to showcase the city's image, but also the best RGB LED flood lights manufacturers image advertising, promotion excellent platform brand influence. According to Mason Technologies spokesman said. backpfrontp In fact, since the beginning of this year, including Spike photovoltaics, Mason Technologies, Shanghai think in many enterprises LED lighting columns, also began on the rail transport company according explicitly mentioned agenda, and has won the bid Spike photoelectric Shenzhen Metro Phase III Line 7 LED integrated energy-efficient lighting project, to achieve a comprehensive strategic partnership with the Shenzhen Metro, Mason Technologies also with Changchun Railway Vehicles Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to long-off equipment) signed a 'strategic cooperation agreement' in Changchun City.LED expansion urgent backpfrontp end of this year, the national railway operator total mileage will reach 120,000 kilometers or so, but by 2020, China will build rail transit lines 177, the total length will reach 6,100 kilometers. LED flood lighting production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) senior analyst Lee germinal representation. backpfrontp According GGII survey data show that to the end of 2014, a total of 22 cities nationwide opened Metro Operation line length 3173 km, of which, subways 2365 km, accounting for 75% share; rail 239 kilometers, 8% share; monorail 89 km, accounting 3%; Modern trams 141 kilometers, accounting for 4%; 30 km maglev transportation, 1 percent share; the City fast-track 308 km, accounting for 10 percent, China is has the potential to become the world's largest and fastest growing rail transit construction market. Lighting type backp rapid expansion of track lighting new blue ocean backpfrontp current construction of urban rail transit are mostly used fluorescent lamps, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamp, with its wide range of lamps, high power, neither facilitate the procurement and maintenance, and Unable to achieve energy saving. A lighting industry veteran told Engineering LED. backpfrontp It is reported that such traditional stadium lighting prevalence of the following questions: First, more bare light glare great harm; low Secondly, illumination, there are differences between the various stations, insufficient lighting uniformity; Third, effective luminous flux lamps small proportion; Fourth, the use of most non-energy-efficient lighting products, a large energy consumption, high operating costs. backpfrontp rail transport as a hub of the city, about 13 percent of its electricity accounts for track lighting system overall system power consumption, the current average energy consumption at our track lighting 26W / square meter, much higher than the national standard (standard lighting when 200lx, energy value control in 6W / square meter or less). The veteran said that energy issues have become increasingly prominent rail traffic lighting, energy-saving lighting requirements are getting higher and higher, and therefore, comprehensive transformation of LED gym lighting project without delay. backpfrontp 2009 years ago, the rail transport market developments in the market \u0026 lsquo; silent \u0026 rsquo ;, its mileage of slow growth, the entire equipment supply market showing \u0026 lsquo; placid \u0026 rsquo; the state, but in recent years following the decentralization of administrative examination and approval authority, and open to private investment, and the approval of the release of a new line of construction planning, domestic urban rail transit will show a new round of capital influx in the next stage. Lee germinal mentioned. backpfrontp GGII expected to the end of 2020, China's urban rail transit planning a total mileage of more than 6000 km (excluding the tram tracks and the City), net operating line has opened an average annual mileage in the opening and operation of 900 km up and down, opening and operation of the National City Rail cities will reach 40 or so, the amount of investment in rail transport will reach 3 \u0026 mdash; 4 trillion yuan. backpfrontp All in all, from the industrial chain, urban rail transport infrastructure cause high, for the design and application of market leading role in rail traffic lighting products will be very obvious, but from the growth rate of rail transit line, the site, the future needs of the relevant market The growth will be increased exponentially distributed lighting applications projects, including tunnel lights, street lamps, downlights, spotlights and other, related fields of enterprises will be promising. The last-mentioned veteran. backp