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Three New Board Listed 'traffic Jam' LED Drive Business Qi Yu Photoelectric Impact Of The New Three-panel

Mar 14, 2017

 As of October 20, the number of new three board listed companies reached 3751, in the trial enterprise 1370, only the brokerage contract intended to listed companies about a total of 6000,LED stadium lights the market is expected to end this year, listing the number will exceed 5,000. backpbackpfrontp However, the new three-panel market trading is still deserted. According to the statistics show that in September, the number of firms listed on the new board the second consecutive month decline, LED stadium lighting a decline of 26%. Some market participants worry that liquidity dried up, listing the number of growing conflict, managers tightened standard of review or the introduction of administrative measures to restrict the influx of business, resulting in an application listed traffic jam. Recently, the country's share transfer listed company issued revised operational guidelines of the announcement, to simplify the listing process, the application point forward. backpfrontp active high power LED flood light industry as the new board, it is the month will be increasingly active. Under the impact of business temptation has been heavily in the acquisition of three new board Qingdao-germinal power UV LED market harmony health science and technology, will increase 24.44 million is expected to board the high-speed rotation Ai Ke lighting LED lighting business, recently 1000w LED flood light driver control business Qi Yu photoelectric bulletin published three new board began to impact. backpfrontp reported, Qi Yu photoelectric large number of shareholders equity is more dispersed, the individual shareholders holding shares of the company did not exceed 50% of the company's total share capital,LED tunnel lights which is the main customer (ranked the top five sales) sales account for the current period More than 95% of total sales, the main customers, especially on Hai Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. (final customer of Philips) there is a certain dependence. Among them, the related sales were 5.4543 million yuan, 8.148 million yuan and 1.9744 million yuan, accounting for similar transactions rates were 78.91%, 58.39% and 50.15%, a larger proportion. backp