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Three Male Aurora: Smart Home Lighting Acceleration

Jan 16, 2019

  frontp LED zhuangao today, intelligent lighting products more and more attention, represents the trend of the industry. Intelligent Control Technology can meet people on the lighting environment and atmosphere increasingly rich demand, according to different circumstances and the time required to match the LED stadium lighting environment is set to create a cozy atmosphere, beautify the living environment play a role. Future, intelligent lighting will be very naturally into people's intellectual life. According to the survey research indicates 2013--2020 The Intelligent lighting market to 17% per year compound annual growth rate accelerated expansion. By 2020, the intelligent lighting market is expected to more than 8 billion US dollars, a huge market space for development. backpfrontp but it is undeniable that, due to the high development costs,High power led flood light technological innovation is difficult, market acceptance and other factors still to popularization can really achieve much more intelligent technology breakthrough products, while research and development in intelligent home networking docking areas and innovation is scarce. Let alone universal application or really wide market development and application stage, still in the initial concept and market cultivation stage. backpfrontp current number of intelligent LED tennis court lighting is more stuck in the preliminary stages of technical regulation of the mobile phone APP smart control lighting. backpfrontp future of intelligent lighting systems should angle, lighting applications, user experience, professional lighting start, in order to form a complete closed-loop LED airport lighting solutions, should have smart, connected, simple, convenient, user-friendly, worry characteristics. backpfrontp three male Aurora recently launched a PAK smart home lighting system, a key customization aiding sleep mode, read mode, reception mode and other intimate lighting scenes; reservation entertainment, rest, get up close and other lights turned on; adjust the brightness depending on the weather cold and warm cozy lighting color; make home life safety, health, energy, interesting phenomena. backp three core functions: a variety of scenarios, smart timing light levels Xpress regulation backpfrontp with simple 1000W LED flood lighting design, professional optical application design, the effort to build the overall lighting solutions, to provide users with professional, stable, efficient and intelligent, Healthy living space LED gym lighting. backp intelligent lighting scenario simulation shows backpfrontp reported that three male Aurora home project started in the beginning, and actively explore intelligent lighting market and product applications. After several years of accumulation of technology, currently PAK smart home lighting systems in the country has nearly 3,000 stores terminal extension. At the same college by lighting, lighting design salon outside the United outstanding mentor, lighting designer building space designer-depth cooperation, order to provide overall LED stadium flood lighting solutions in product development, application experience, professional lighting and so on. Reporter visited the survey found three male Aurora household products rich product line in recent years, the terminal image upgrade, meticulous management, improve the service so get a good lift, October also set up a product development center Zhongshan, thus promoting the home retail market rapid growth, further improve R \u0026 D efficiency and market competitiveness of home products, dealer confidence, I believe that with the rapid development of LED high bay lighting, relying on a strong brand, channel, team and service advantages, three male Aurora lighting into smart home development the fast lane. (This article is three male Aurora contribution) backp