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Three Male Aurora Lighting Ceremony Starts College Design Forum Shenyang Station Come To An End Great

Dec 07, 2016

  The led stadium lighting beauty. Three male Aurora Lighting Ceremony starts college design Forum Shenyang standing Shangri-La Hotel was held. Well-known designers and design strength from northern France, Taiwan and other places, a Union on behalf of designers and other local designers, more than 700 people gathered to witness the launching ceremony of Shenyang station, and for the design issues and share a wonderful depth AC,stadium lights so deeply felt the participating designers and interior design rhythm of light and shadow charm. Taipei basaltic Design / Shanghai Danfeng founder Mr. Huang Shuheng building, architecture, vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Professor, master tutor often Zhigang, Executive Director Liquide sign French lighting designer and design director Jean - Jacques \u0026 middot; ranzo, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art and Design Department of Environment,high power led flood light Professor, master tutor Maxie other guests went to the site to share their design ideas and the latest developments in the direction of the industry, for the design community to bring about a respect of art, architecture, lighting, intelligent city AC feast. create backpfrontp light environment is an important part of the space environment to create,1000W LED flood light more and more designers slowly realize the importance of lighting design in this area began with growing curiosity. This is the original intention to build three male Aurora lighting College, also in order to allow more designers to understand lighting design, and from this platform lateral link more design resources. backp site backpfrontp meeting site meetings organized by the Director of the Guangdong three male Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd. Marketing Department Wang Jun chaired, Deputy General Manager Chen Songhui came to power a speech to introduce the purpose and significance of the founder of lighting College, and the participants and guests to start the device design announced Lighting Shenyang Institute was formally established. Wang Jun,led tunnel light deputy general director Chen Songhui backp speech backpfrontp chaired the forum, Mr. Huang from Taiwan took romantic imagination Hello, Da Vinci! keynotes. Speaking of his new Oriental Renaissance, the intention to share their ideas and creative furniture design,led bay light and strive to innovation and practical implementation of an active combination of quality, as well as clever and creative excellence in space injection mechanism, allowing designers participating amazing Mr. Huang Shuheng speech backpfrontp compared to Mr. Huang Shuheng romantic imagination of speech, as a design school education experts often Zhigang wisdom of life to shape the media building the theme resolved his research, he analyzed the media to generate the physical space and the building Among the intersection of digital space, is a combination of technology and art, the integration of multiple related disciplines and LED arena light technology, Internet technology, interactive technology and many other fields and disciplines. He also predicted the future city will not only produce changes in the appearance, and ultimately to the enormous differences in their internal management and improve the efficiency.urban architecture lighting art, by virtue of his design of indoor and outdoor environmental art,tennis court light human and natural sciences light and color studies, combined with specific cases, to share in the completion of the technical lighting design techniques, based on how the re-creation of art in order to achieve better visual effects and social effects. Mr. backp Maxie share dry after dry sharing compact design, the long-awaited high-end dialogue session is still brilliant, Mr. Sun Zhigang,gym lights director of the Shenyang exhibition design Decorative Design Consultants Limited, the China Architecture Design and Research Professor Wang Jinyuan northeast Liaoning Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute, deputy chief engineer and four guests share Sun launched a discussion full of speculation color. From the lighting design integration with collisions with other designs, to manage the design agency, ladies and gentlemen, on the current status of the industry and with their own experience has been further expanded and interpretation, open the participating designers the idea of the audience from time to time lead to designer applause. (This article is three male Aurora contribution) backp high-end dialogue session backpfrontp backp