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This Year More Than 60W Incandescent General Lighting Will Be Fully Phased Out

Jan 25, 2019

   Recently, a Shanghai interior design company's chief designer Fanfei Jie to Hangzhou, a club sent a design, above the specially marked corridor and room lighting, all with LED lights: Incandescent has not taken into account. Now the main is to use LED stadium lights lamps and energy-saving lamps. Variety LED lights are now more and more, compared to the energy-saving lamps more power, more on the grade, Generally, we will advise clients to purchase LED stadium lighting. Fanfei Jie said. backpfrontp 130 years ago, the great inventor Thomas Edison invented the incandescent yellow pear-shaped, has brought great changes to human life. And now is the time and this great invention to say goodbye. According to the 2013 National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and other six ministries jointly issued the 'semiconductor lighting energy industry planning', this year, 60W more than ordinary incandescent lighting will be completely phased out. Lighting Association, Zhejiang Weng Maoyuan said that with the apparent effect of national policy, and market self-regulation factors, sales volume is declining incandescent, currently in the lighting market share of less than 3 percent, despite the current energy-saving lamps It is still the mainstream product, but for the first time last year, there has been negative growth in sales, market vacancies are occupied by high power LED flood light products. Incandescent on backpfrontp market have been rare backpfrontp fact, the market has already being phased out incandescent lamps. In Hangzhou, east of angel lighting market, there are still a few dealers sell incandescent lamps. One shopkeeper said the store currently selling mainly energy-saving lamps, the proportion of sales accounted for more than half. Best-selling incandescent 25-watt incandescent about, generally home-based. Hangzhou Century Lianhua Supermarket and Suning Appliance relevant responsible person also said that stores Hangzhou area the previous two years beginning with the incandescent lamp has been discontinued. backpfrontp Taobao, there are only a handful of incandescent lamp sales shop, the best selling is a price of 2.50 yuan a 25W Philips incandescent bulbs, there are nearly 600 recent payment. In contrast, sales of LED lamps is significantly higher several times: a price of 13.80 yuan of Op lighting 1000W LED flood lights bulbs, recent payment 10289 people, another record Huaxing brand LED bulbs are more popular, the price as long as 6.99 yuan , recent 18,000 payment. backpfrontp 5 years to sell more than 300 yuan of LED gym lights now just a few ten backpfrontp has been saving does not save money, restricting LED lighting popularity of a problem. If the next LED lamps and energy-saving lamp price is almost the same, how would you choose?Weng say, five years ago, a LED light bulb, sold for 300 yuan, 20 yuan as long as the end of 2013, the current price has dropped year about 40%, in the future, as technology continues to mature LED products, the prices will fall further, market competitiveness will be getting stronger. backpfrontp In addition, LED high bay lights are also expected to be the same as the previous two years to promote energy-saving lamps policies. 'Semiconductor lighting energy industry plan' put forward a series of specific safeguards and incentives, including financial subsidies to promote efforts to gradually expand, timely ball wide bubble lights, and other large surfaces, mature technology of LED airport lighting products into the scope of subsidies.Zhang said, LED lamp energy saving lamp is only half the life expectancy was 4-5 times the normal energy-saving lamps. If once into the government subsidies, the price is down, LED industry will usher in the explosive growth. backpfrontp Zhejiang nearly as involved in  high power LED lighting business industry backpfrontp Weng say, under the guidance of national policy, more and more traditional companies involved in LED lighting industry, business transformation will become a trend: the current size of more than Zhejiang total of more than 500 lighting companies , 2013, 20% involved in LED industry, the current ratio increased to 78%. LED lighting industry exports last year amounted to $ 3.5 billion scale, an increase of nearly 50 percent, accounting for about 35% of the national exports. LED stadium floodlight output value is expected this year the province will increase to 40 billion yuan, accounting for about 40% of the entire lighting industry market share. backpfrontp Hangzhou region's largest manufacturer of energy-saving lamps in Gao Yu, chairman Zhang said the company from 2013 to begin production and sales of LED products, when annual sales reach 80 million yuan, mainly exported to the US; increased to 300 million yuan last year, are also export orders. This year, in Gao Yu new plant new equipment will be put into production, is expected to double again export scale, reaching 700 million yuan, in addition, the effect of policies because optimistic 'semiconductor lighting energy industry planning' brought, in Gao Yu This year also plans to open up the domestic market their own brands, sales volume is expected at about 100 million yuan. backpfrontp large enterprises to large-scale profit, SMEs are relying on differentiated products for the market. Tongxiang Heights lighting company, last year to obtain orders for large foreign supermarket chains, three specifications of LED products to create profits for the company 60 million yuan, the profit margin of around 30%, significantly higher than last year's national average of 17%. backp