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Thirty Million LED Tunnel Lighting Project Whispering Think----led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 15, 2016

 LED street lighting industry over thirty million of LED tunnel lighting project won the fierce competition in the industry, many of the bidding companies, the Shanghai think fore. Recently, the Shanghai think twice and Hangxinjing highway Jiande Shouchang to civilized white sand (Zhejiang-Jiangxi border) (Quzhou paragraph) tunnel lighting project owners formally signed the contract. backpbackpfrontp this highway shuttling between the mountains, so many tunnels and tunnels of varying lengths, up to several kilometers, the tunnel lighting is a key point of this highway is a difficulty. The road tunnel group will use to think different power LED tunnel lights a total of more than 16,700 units, including normal lighting inside day and night, on the outside at night lighting and emergency evacuation lighting inside the cave, we can see the huge scale of the tunnel project. In addition to the tunnel lighting, Shanghai think will provide highway LED variable information board for this project of the highway, the highway will think twice thick add a display area. backpbackpfrontp think modular LED bay Light Module can be increased or decreased depending on the lighting needs of different sections in order to achieve the best lighting effects and the most reasonable tunnel lighting illuminance distribution. Think using patented cooling technology to ensure the long-term use can heat smooth, continuous use of prolonged, higher safety and stability. Through wireless remote control and management, reduce maintenance costs; automatic brightness adjustment technology to achieve the second energy-saving, comprehensive energy efficiency up to 50%. backpbackpfrontp think is the first to get involved in highway variable information board high power LED flood light enterprise and innovation so think twice became highway variable information panels leading enterprises. Think LED information panels on display and energy efficiency is unique, whether it is fog or thunderstorm, think 1000W LED flood light information boards are able to automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment, to achieve the best display effect, reducing the bad weather to bring traffic inconvenient. Compared to the traditional signs, LED bay light information panels with a more flexible indicator, not only to indicate the direction, but also to show the road, which brings convenience to travel. backpbackpfrontp think of LED street lighting products and LED display products can be applied to both the top of this highway, it reflects think in LED industry advanced technology and good reputation of the user. Shanghai Think LED tunnel lights market share reached more than 40% market share of highway information boards up to 60% of its products are widely used in domestic provinces and cities of the highway project, but also in foreign countries also have not a small market, Shanghai Think LED arena light and LED display gongs will become the industry a story. (This article is Shanghai think Contributor) backp