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The World Will Take You To See So Much Of Engineering

May 05, 2017

 Customs export data show that from January to September 2015, China LED stadium lights exports to total exports from other countries to $ 7.54 billion (about 47.78 billion yuan) , rose 12.5%. backpfrontp foreign markets due to the large body, LED replacement rate is relatively low, the domestic LED companies competing layout. Next 2--3 years (Sen's) will exceed domestic or foreign exports. Linsen lighting Marketing Center general manager Lin Jiliang representation. Currently Linsen (002745.SZ) in the United States, India, have been provided with the relevant subsidiaries, and Mexico is expected within this year the company will also set up to support the development of the local market. backpfrontp companies in Asia, Europe, North America and major regional markets business in China have maintained good growth. Sunshine Lighting Division, general manager of China (600261) Chen Yiping said. High power LED flood light production and research, according to the Institute of Engineering (GGII) survey data show that in 2014 the overall LED penetration in North America is less than 10%, compared with the domestic gap is still relatively large. Mainly because of 1000W LED flood light products to enter the North American market, the threshold is relatively high, the first is a variety of certification requirements for each category of products is not the same need safety certification, performance certification. Measurement testing, general manager, said Li Nie Pengxiang, if you want to enter the North American market, the initial investment cost will be relatively large. backpfrontp course, into the general subsidy will be, according to various performance certification, energy certification, the country's electric power companies will give a specific subsidy program, subsidies may sometimes give higher than the price of the lamp. Nie Pengxiang said LED stadium lighting North America to promote the program has a set of strict, the market is relatively standardized. After the original marketer vigorously spread layout, it is difficult for new groups to enter the original channel. backpfrontp separated by the Straits with the North a South American markets are relatively low barriers to entry, the corresponding policy subsidies no law. But the government and consumer awareness for the LED has started, the market is slowly starting amount. From the data export destination countries, the national top 30, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and other countries 1 South America - August exports were $ 171 million, $ 83,093,400, $ 38,539,700. backpfrontp another relatively high-end market is the European market. Germany, Britain, France, Italy and other European countries are in the forefront of export destination countries, which Germany China tube lights, light bar with lights, vehicle lights, stage lights of larger imports; Dutch to Chinese tube lights, spotlights, the demand for a larger stage LED tunnel lights; Italy imports of Chinese light strip lights, a large number of interior lights; spotlights British demand from China, a large number of interior lights; France mainly import Chinese spotlights. backpfrontp similar and North America, to enter the EU market of LED high bay lights products are also subject to a series of certification, such as CE-LVD, CE-EMC, CE-ROHS, CE-ERP and GS and so on. Domestic companies consider more than the initial investment cost of, but also wary of the European debt crisis may bring. backpfrontp It is understood that the current domestic enterprises are more attractive in India, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets. India is currently the overall low level of LED arena lights products on the market, domestic enterprises are turning to the Indian market is likely to enter the ranks of high-end products. Coupled with numerous Indian population, the government also plans to encourage the promotion of the use of LED products. Although the market environment is complex, but it can not stop the domestic enterprises gearing up, followed. backpfrontp world is so big, so many markets, each market has its own characteristics, how to understand, familiar overcome? Let Engineering'll take a look. 2015 LED Engineering opened the annual meeting of the Special Session today in overseas markets, the domestic LED tennis court lights industry will explain the global market, work together to find opportunities. backp