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The Ultimate Visual Enjoyment 'Golden Vision' Under: Golden Globe [Engineering] Chau Ming Technology

Nov 30, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xiongyu Heng] on the LED stadium lights display industry, market prospects immeasurable small pitch, after the whole industry has felt this small spacing violent storm. With small spacing display core technologies become more sophisticated, the industry generally believe that the simple pursuit of a smaller spacing has not much sense, stability, cost-effective, customized services to develop the weapon market.As the rare few with LED tunnel light display based industry listed companies, quality and popularity Chau Ming Technology (300232) product reputation. Now in the LED bay light display industry, optical technology and quality are not enough to fight for, to give customers better \u0026 lsquo; integrated experience \u0026 rsquo; to win a bigger market. Deputy General Manager Zhou Ming Technology brand management department to Wen said. Chau Ming Technology backpfrontp now involved in engineering LED arena light Golden Globe (Best Product Award) named the small spacing display Upanel1.2, both in product performance, or in overall user experience, has a very big advantage. Chau Ming Technology Upanel1.2 small spacing display according to \u0026 lsquo; Gold Vision \u0026 rsquo; ergonomic design principles, Upanel Series screen ratio is 16: 9, can be easily spliced into 2K / 4K / 8K and other standard-resolution display Screen. \u0026 Lsquo; point \u0026 rsquo; pixel-level fine display, full screen resolution is in line with mainstream HD visual proportion, to meet the needs of consumers seeking high quality of life, giving the most comfortable visual enjoyment. Ask Wen said.He also mentioned that the whole display original sealed die-cast aluminum structure, ultra-thin, 0.1mm achieve zero patchwork; support before modulIf,high power led flood light hot swappable, maintaining an efficient,tennis court light low cost; low light high ash and high brush, suitable for different indoor environments; products through EMC Class B electromagnetic interference testing standards, low radiation. at the same time, the display can also double backup, stable and reliable, 100,000 hours trouble-free and stable operation; brightness, color temperature freely adjust, adapt to a variety of occasions;1000W led flood light display more products than traditional energy-saving 50%, the market competitive advantage is obvious. backp