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The technology in led flood light

Mar 17, 2016

LED profitability of this year compared with last year there was a substantial decline, easpcially the led stadium lights and led flood lighting.while at the bottom of the pyramid SME survival even more difficult. backpfrontp at more competitive and brutal background, large companies can rely on strong technical strength, phased development of new products to lead the market, and as many SMEs, their business resources, technical strength is limited, how the fierce competition to seek profit balance, SMEs had to face reality. backpfrontp crystal table GONG example, said chairman of the shares, be used on led stage lighting since the LED lifespan getting longer, the quality is getting better,it can be see on their industrial led lighting so that the whole LED lighting replacement cycle becomes longer, coupled with the gradual penetration of high-power devices, from certain circumstances talk about reducing the number of devices using the package, and this phenomenon shows that the industry at a time of rapid development, but also to the package device manufacturers an adverse signal. backpfrontp face of this phenomenon, the big companies can take the size and cost of the route to win, but you need to recognize their own position of SMEs, more efforts in market segments. GONG Wen expressed. backpfrontp GONG that, in fact, small and medium enterprises in a short time on many hardware resources can not compete with large enterprises, but SMEs can take advantage of technology and market research, to seek market segments, after a clear understanding of market segmentation step by step close to the target market, and eventually specialize in a particular area, is the key to successful and sustainable development of SMEs. backpfrontp In addition, commercial led lighting faced with the phenomenon of the overall LED market oversupply triggered a price war in the industry, many companies chose to follow the helpless, and in order to ensure market share and product pricing, crystal Taiwan shares took a different path, that is in the product development aspects do without me have, people have my fine. backpfrontp GONG Wen said to encapsulate the device, for example, the price of products each year in the range of 20% -50% of the decline has become the norm, and enterprises to take the price war is actually a dead end, through the development of new products to replace old products is to deal with price wars The best approach. backpfrontp GONG example,led Garden lights since last year, crystal Taiwan shares through innovative products, thus elevating the average unit price of the product. In the packaged device, the company eliminated a relatively low-end products, in the display area developed Raptors, hummingbirds series, as well as the development of PCT lighting high power series, and have achieved good market response. backpfrontp If prices fall to a product can not be accepted, through the development of better technology update a product out, not only because it is the first time the development of the industry and have pricing power, but also to ensure that prices continue to go up. GONG Wen said. backpfrontp 2015 Annual Engineering LED has entered the countdown,led Garden light Dec. 11 - at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the fifth floor Azalea Hall, crystal table with guests Shares will discuss the future of the market structure on the 12th LED.