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The Real Benefits Of The Transformation Of Digital Marketing To Create 'Internet + Commercial Value' Engine

May 08, 2019

  frontp from the electronics industry to the Internet, hardship in the transition firm determination. Beneficial up in 1998, 2007 listed in the small board, operating income mainly from the EMS consumer electronics, in 2011 entered the field of LED stadium lighting. EMS business due mainly to provide manufacturing, supply chain and other services for the international brands, subject to the brand's own business integration, shrinking Chinese manufacturing scale to LDCs, regional policy affects the transfer market, shrinking rapidly in recent years, Related large number of idle assets. Although high power LED flood lights industry prospects, but product homogeneity serious, triggering a vicious competition among enterprises, resulting in product prices and gross margins continued to decline,1000W LED flood lights the entire industry into the era of meager profit, the real benefits of also face greater pressure to perform. Companies from 2014 will be determined in transition,LED gym lights to enter the field of digital marketing and enterprise SAAS services market. backpfrontp acquisitions along ad, advertising and Lee Chin Xuan advertising - Friends Digital shares, creating digital marketing the whole industry chain. The company has initially formed epitaxial acquisitions for the whole industry chain,LED high bay lights the whole media, one-stop digital marketing services architecture. backpfrontp Shun ad: text as a whole class of service providers, is the main part of the listed company's digital marketing industry chain. Shun is advertising in portals, vertical sites, LED tennis court light video sites, search engines and other traditional media outlets highlight the advantages of the Internet, with smooth and stable, long-term high-quality media resources. backpfrontp Chin advertising: as a creative policy class service provider, will provide a strong creative industry chain, and policy-driven force. Meanwhile,LED stadium floodlights Chin docking with print and outdoor advertising media, television film media, traditional media, the Internet experience and ability of different media types and digital ports. backpfrontp Li Xuan advertising: as a social marketing service providers, brand advertisers to reach currently services 70. - Friends Digital: as a mobile terminal marketing service provider, will help the company in the mobile end digital marketing business development. backp