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The New Year Is Expected To Sell 400 Million Yuan Yichang GS100AH High-speed Plane Bonder Import Substitution

Oct 23, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng packaging equipment industry] in the first half, the overall market situation is not good, but we are able to do new Yichang bucked the trend. The new deputy general manager in 2015 Yichang YUAN Man Paul told Engineering Expo site light LED stadium light. backpfrontp the first half of this year, we have completed nearly 200 million in sales this year, full-year target to achieve 400 million of total sales, which, we are confident. According YUAN Man Bao introduction. backp new Yichang YUAN Man, Deputy General Manager Paul backpfrontp Indeed, in packaging equipment industry as a whole this year, slightly down wind of the environment, new Yichang solid crystal machine With excellent performance, high degree of automation, innovation fast, timely service, etc. in the packaging equipment industry is unique, bucked the market trend. backpfrontp And all this, thanks to the new Yichang YUAN Man Bao are reliable quality assurance. backpfrontp GS100AH with our model of high power LED flood light flat-speed solid crystal machine, for example, precision equipment \u0026 plusmn; 0.025mil, resolution of 0.04mil. At the same time, feeding mechanism adopts domestic first large-capacity cartridge-free charging mode, charging time can be saved, which can effectively solve the problem of product life caused by wear and tear due to equipment. YUAN Man Paul mentioned. backpfrontp It is understood that this section of the high-speed machines under the new Yichang solid crystal within the industry trying to build excellent Bonder brand -HOSON series, Generally applicable to SMD020,1010,2121,3014 and 2835,5050 and other packages sources. With excellent performance in the market widely recognized by customers,1000W led flood light it is understood that the current use of the client This equipment has been included Hongli, Guoxing, rectangular, Jufei, Samsung, Kunshan Achilles Ming and other famous companies. backp high-speed plane Bonder Previously, these large packaging company ASM all equipment are imported, but now they are based on a consideration of the following points, use our equipment: First, the pressure of the market,led bay light packaging manufacturers of customer requirements higher and higher precision, quality is getting better, while more and more low prices, so they have to share the pressure up to the device. YUAN Man Paul mentioned. backpfrontp Second, cost-effective equipment, compared to ASM, in fact, our prices are better than ASM, but also important is that we put the equipment together with foreign equipment, led tunnel light from the stability, output, output value will not lose ASM, Therefore, for many domestic large packaging company, we naturally became the object of their choice. YUAN Man Bao told reporters. backpfrontp the face of the current market increasingly popular flip packages YUAN Man Paul also said the company has made the appropriate responses, GS868 CSP new Yichang solid crystal is based on LED market development and the launch of a new model,gym lights designed specifically for CSP technological design. It is understood that the model uses a lot of new control systems and mechanical design to achieve high accuracy and reliability, designed for flip customization. backp