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The New LED Technology Development Or To Subvert The LED Lighting Industry---oak Led Flood Light

Oct 20, 2016

 engineering professor at Florida State University have developed a new high-efficiency, low-cost light-emitting diode LED stadium light, can help to more widespread adoption of the technology. assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering Zhibin Yu said: it could revolutionize lighting technology. So far, the cost of high power LED flood lighting has been a concern. Energy and cost savings are not offset. However, this can be changed. By using a combination of organic and inorganic materials, Yu succeeded in developing a new LED technology. These materials are soluble, blue, green or red light, and so can be used to manufacture light bulbs. backpfrontp However, the real special feature of this technology is that its manufacturing process is much simpler than existing products on the market to be. Most 1000W LED flood light materials require engineers to four, five material covers each product or to create the desired effect. Yu only one layer of material. Yu said: In the manufacturing process, if you need to deal with the problem of multi-material, it will be a huge challenge. His research has received awards from the National Science Foundation, to encourage further research and basic materials development platform to build flexible active-matrix organic LED bay light display. The report was published in the 'advanced materials' magazine. This study is crucial to the development of LED technology, it can quickly reduce electricity consumption countries. Although LED tunnel lighting fixtures sold in stores, but because of its material cost and quality issues, has not been widely adopted. backpfrontp However, LED lights do is to save energy. backpfrontp use LED lamp according to the US Department of Energy, a residential area of at least 75% than ordinary incandescent energy saving. backpfrontp Yu through energy and material strategic teacher recruitment plan to the Florida State University (FSU). He is a researcher at the Institute of High Performance Materials (HPMI) of Florida State University. HPMI is a commitment to research and development of multi-disciplinary research institute of advanced materials and manufacturing technology. HPMI Institute Richard Liang said: Because Dr. Yu's hard work as well as other top researchers, HPMI benefit a lot.