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The New CSP Packaging Technology Can Secretly Wrestling Champion?

Jun 07, 2017

 LED stadium lights packaging technology has been in development, but development are not so thorough. Such as CSP, has been heard, never saw production. backpfrontp however, CSP is generally good as a packaging technology is a grain of truth, can significantly reduce the size of products, the most important is to protect the chip at the same time, there is stress relieving features, specifications can be more standardized, and because miniaturization of the package can be applied to a variety of short and thin products, it can be used as KGD (Known Good Die) in the application of MCM. LED stadium lighting use in the short term there is a blind spot on, in the long-term trend is a good product the way. Fu Shen Optoelectronics | Optoelectronics general manager Yang Qiuzhong that since the present we do not just put into manufacturing smooth, so the CSP's competitiveness can not see it, but with the manufacturing process, equipment, technology, materials, mature, CSP price, luminance efficiency, reliability and quality, reliability will show resistance to its competitive advantage. backpfrontp Shen Fu Photoelectric as a minimal amount of professional development and mass production of special packaging products company, for the development of CSP has a profound precipitation. high power led flood light from the CSP manufacturing process, generally can have the following distinction: backpfrontp a bonding mode; a conductive plastic, wire, bumping (BGA), total gold (crystal), Paste, etc. can be called. CSP package; backpfrontp b electrode size: small electrodes or dot electrodes: conductive plastic, wire, bumping (BGA) is generally less than 100um (mainly major plant patents in 2007 before layout). The use of large electrodes or said sheet-like electrode for: gold (crystal), Paste; backpfrontp c adapter board material: There are no direct use of grain electrode substrate (called WLCSP), a semiconductor substrate, a ceramic substrate, FR4, MPCB, composites Wait. backpfrontp Fu Shen photoelectric layout in 2004 eutectic solder paste patents. Yangqiu Zhong told the 'Engineering 1000W LED flood light', currently eutectic process is the most complete, Fu Shen photoelectric into this process more than 12 years. backpfrontp fact, the development of the road Fu Shen photoelectric CSP has not been easy. Before 2005, epitaxy (chip) plant show that this technology does not exist, so the start is no part of the foundries are willing epitaxial contract manufacturing, but in 2005, Shen Fu Photoelectric after the sample was made out of gallium wide, gradually there other epitaxial join foundry. After the sample had, then spent two years to solve the reliability problem. backpfrontp After long-term research and experiments,LED tunnel lights from grains to begin the process to enhance the efficiency of the whole system, Fu Shen photoelectric brightness higher than the forward light up to 5% to 20% brightness. After all the grain is made, then back to Fu Shen made CSP. During this period we have invested a lot of R \u0026 D expenses and manpower and ideal persist. Yangqiu Zhong said. LED arena lights for chip plants and packaging plants, the patent issue always provoking the most sensitive nerve. Language Taiwan, Fu Shen photoelectric more profound awareness of the patent. It is understood that, in the CSP and photovoltaic Fu Shen wlcsp achieved multiple patents including semiconductors, each patent has obtained a patent certificate of invention at least three countries, thereby also mastered the patented spear,LED high bay light shield the profits. backpfrontp Yangqiu Zhong told the author, these patents they will give priority to find partners, to do a real big business, for industry dominance, but also through partnerships and then enhance the strength of R \u0026 D team to ensure the resources other programs under the speed is more than adequate fast. backpfrontp In fact, choosing the right partner is very important, whether it is made of pre-epitaxial, or co-promotion and late applications will need to work together with the whole industry chain. backpfrontp in Yang opinion, LED the industry still do not see the immediate material can replace it, the future development of the LED tennis court lights must be owned by the same quality and at lower prices to win. With high-tech, more useful to the patent by the possibility of survival increased significantly, merger or elimination of the phenomenon will be more occur. The CSP currently backlight, flash application on a rapid increase in the future in the UV, lighting, landscape lights, lights and other applications are expected to complete the replacement of existing light sources. LED gym lights nutshell, new packaging materials and technology changes are secretly wrestling, in the case of a certain price, the future of competition to some extent, in turn return to competitive technologies. backp