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The Key Modules Of Equipment And Control Systems Reconsider The Wisdom Of Self-developed LED Lights Glory Available

Dec 22, 2016

 Recently, the Shanghai think twice about relying on the unique advantages in LED stadium lights display, LED lights and integrated hardware and software systems development, independent research and development production of street wisdom, was the major exhibition, the forum to meet with you, and all successful in attracting industry big media attention. Think wisdom street by the intelligent lighting module, information dissemination module, information collection module, information transmission and control module, the emergency power supply modules,led stadium lighting customers can according to actual needs, a combination of the above modules, and ultimately achieve multiple intelligent features, will become wisdom City information collection, information dissemination, an important carrier of information transmission. backpbackpfrontp think let wisdom ideal into reality think wisdom lights embedded intelligent dimming module, shutter and lamp brightness are automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness than ordinary LED tunnel light lamp can save more energy saving and environmental protection in order to more natural resources and social resources. Think wisdom street carrying a small spacing outdoor full color LED bay light display, in addition to more intuitive and graphically display a variety of road conditions, weather and other real-time information, the screen display is more delicate by the majority of advertisers fancy. Street wisdom as a new product, though many intelligent functions are good, but because of the high cost, slow income limits resulting social acceptance is not high, can be described as the ideal is full reality is very skinny. And think of wisdom not only the largest energy-saving led arena lights, fast recover input, you can achieve advertising revenue, greatly reducing the purchase and maintenance burden, so that the wisdom of the ideal into reality. honest hard effort street wisdom not only large initial investment, its implementation also suffered questioned the wisdom of functions, many people worry that it became impractical embroidered pillow.Think many functions wisdom street, led street lighting self-developed wireless control solutions, to achieve remote, telemetry, remote adjustment, remote control, emergency processing and multi-client control; integrated sensing equipment to solve the lights perceived problems with the carrier supply layer; supporting the wisdom street light control system software, relying on the cloud platform, street, road, city three monitoring and lights, screens, sensors, cameras remote inspection and maintenance. With so powerful, I think wisdom is never high power led flood lights embroidered pillow. Street wisdom key module equipment and control systems are developed by think twice, do not depend on other people's professional attitude, let wisdom street withstand every detail considered, long-term stable operation to create greater economic and social value. On backpbackpfrontp ground gas goes hand in hand with tall street lamps collection think wisdom cloud control, RFID tags, data storage, big data, and so tall on the elements for the general public to provide the greatest degree of convenience. First, think wisdom lights environmental monitoring capabilities,1000W LED flood light real-time monitoring to clearly show the precipitation, temperature, wind speed and direction, noise figure and PM2.5 index, environmental conditions at a glance. Second, the emergency call function call, at any time to monitor the positioning function, compared to their own safety and their families to provide the most effective protection. Also, I think wisdom lights add emergency charging, wifi signal and other functions,tennis court lights the maximum degree of convenience of the public life.maximum convenience and benefit to the people-oriented concept is to think of the true embodiment, so tall on both the ground and air artifact, believed to build a smart city can immediately, safe city to contribute their strength. backpbackp