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The First Three Quarters Of Net Profit Fell Over 80% Kingsun M \u0026 A Rally Attempt

May 17, 2017

    Even trying to boost sales across the board price cuts, it was not able to restore the decline. The first three quarters of total revenue and net profit both fell sharply over 8 percent, Kingsun three quarterly look eclipsed. LED stadium lights October 30 evening, outdoor lighting manufacturers Kingsun disclosed fiscal 2015 third-quarter report. The report shows that third-quarter revenue of Kingsun 193 million yuan, down 43.29 percent; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 1,328,400 yuan, up sharply 96.14% while profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses. even more loss of 383,200 yuan. Dismal third-quarter results can be seen. stadium lighting had to cope with declining performance in the first half of the adverse situation, Kingsun released a promotional message on this ground markdowns to circulate products mainly adjusted on the ground and Jay Thorens of 15 series 114 models of products This month the sales price, the highest price rises of about 40%. Which is the highest preferential series of bright bulb and ceiling,high power led flood light the amplitude of up to 40%, are the lowest on the ground Jie Thorens product launch since. At the same time, this promotion program joined the ground on the main brand product promotion channels, such as Ming-kai series Downlight, Ming Hao Series bulb, bright with series lamps and other products. Optical ground before distributing the agents on the price comparison table, the adjusted price was indeed the lowest in the history of the ground. 1000W led flood light but for now, the price and did not quickly upgrade Kingsun sales. backpfrontp results, Kingsun 2015 operating income totaled 636 million yuan, down 22.58 percent; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 18.2337 million yuan, down 80.02 percent. LED tunnel lights order to reverse the decline in performance decline, Kingsun recent moves frequently. backpfrontp September 17 Kingsun thirteenth meeting of the Third Board of Directors considered and adopted the 'on the use of its own funds to raise funds and foreign investment in motion,' the company all the remaining funds by changing LED interior lighting project, the company raised over the entire remaining funds, investment companies indirectly LED outdoor lighting and landscape lighting projects all remaining funds, as well as part of the company Lumileds, liquidity of Royal Philips spin-off of $ 100 million (equivalent to about 655 million yuan yuan,LED arena lights including fees related to swap and management fees) for the indirect acquisition of Philips lumen 6.15% stake. backpfrontp earnings data show that net proceeds of 1.06 billion yuan at Kingsun 2011 IPO. As of June 30, 2015, the company raised a total capital account balance of 660 million yuan. Among them, the balance of 250 million yuan raised funds, LED tennis court lights outdoor lighting and landscape lighting project funds remaining 170 million yuan, LED interior lighting project funds remaining 150 million yuan, 570 million total balance of these three, would be used for the acquisition. On backpfrontp Kingsun said the acquisition in line with national industrial policy, the way through industry consolidation, help to improve and consolidate the company's leading position in the field of semiconductor lighting, strength of the company, to enhance the brand image, increase the company's visibility. LED high bay lights the previous August, and Shenzhen Kingsun also Taihe Sheng Financial Holdings Limited signed a 'limited partnership agreement.' Under the agreement, the company and set up a joint venture financial Taihe Sheng No. One Shenzhen Hony buyout funds invested enterprises (limited partnership). Investment amounted to 3 billion yuan, all money invested. Wherein the photovoltaic investment amounted to 400 million yuan on the ground; Taihe Sheng financial investment amounted to 400 million yuan. led tennis court lights buyout fund intends to invest direction, the direction of high-growth industry, listed companies or related industries or other major relevance of science and technology, media and communications companies in the field of non-listed equity or equity-related investments; Chinese domestic listed company's non-public offering stocks, bonds and warrants; smart city, supply chain, finance, sports and cultural industries, smart grid, cloud computing, networking, big data and information management. backpfrontp brokerage researcher said that the participation of the establishment of buyout funds, to participate in the equity investment, to seek the wisdom of the city, supply chain, finance, sports and cultural industries, smart grid, cloud computing, networking, big opportunities in areas such as data management, help at Kingsun industry consolidation and improvement. backp