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Teng Sheng Industry: Fearless 'price War' Difference Cutter Brought Schema Upgrade

Jan 02, 2019

    frontp [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] Since this year, with the improvement of equipment market concentration, many companies are considering how to reduce costs, and thus profits are constantly down, the price war spread,LED stadium lights a time has become the hottest events nowadays. backpfrontp as equipment manufacturing enterprises, better price is important, but the most important is still the device of quality, stability and continuity of service, High power led flood lights I think, if the heavy equipment business price war, the market will no doubt lead to a lose-lose situation, one can not continue to guarantee customer service, the second is self sustained R \u0026 D investment is not guaranteed. Shenzhen Teng Sheng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Teng Sheng), general manager Lu Guoming representation. backpfrontp Thus, in the current Teng Sheng eyes, they are not only looking at a lower price, but rather focus on other directions,1000W led flood lights such as strengthening the company's internal management, operating cost management and control, taking a win-win cooperation model of the supply chain, at the same time, promoting continuous product innovation, technology innovation models continue to facilitate iterative more outstanding products. backpfrontp equipment industry this year is a very competitive year, each device companies must do their own position, they will not be washed away by the torrent of new markets. Referring to the current competitive landscape equipment industry,LED stadium floodlights Lu Guoming mentioned, new growth points should come from the new packaging technology, or a new overall solution equipment. backpfrontp Therefore, some companies eager to expand the scale to reduce costs, both for the general public in this way to go, does not seem to follow Teng Sheng compared to, Lu Guoming said they are more willing to do is competitive differentiation, to this end July this year, half of their new on-line / automatic cutting (dicing) series,led tennis court lights has begun to appear to expand this market trend. backpfrontp It is understood that the cutting machine also called dicing machine, because after cutting technology has been China's semiconductor material cutting bottlenecks, not a very good use of domestic brands to choose, to change this situation, Teng Sheng company since 2014 equipment research and development in this field, has achieved initial success,LED airport lights cutting shipments reached 15 units / month. backpfrontp Also, a number of domestic customers expressed interest in our cutting machine, we are willing to try domestic equipment, which for our domestic equipment manufacturers, is undoubtedly a kind of support and encouragement. Lu Guoming said Teng Sheng will continue to do product updates and iterative late. backpfrontp domestic equipment in the early development of a new model on the market may be able to sell 3 \u0026 mdash;?! 5 years, but today's equipment manufacturers or that thing it absolutely impossible Lu Guoming, said the current domestic industrial manufacturing has entered a rapid mode,LED stadium lighting the prior art will be even major changes within six months of the year, so companies must constantly with new products to beat the old product, in order to win the market step by step. backpfrontp All in all, Teng Sheng is a clear positioning of the company, dispensing technology to promote the upgrading of equipment, while cutting machine market has brought competition in emerging markets, Teng Sheng future we are confident that they are bigger and stronger, the future will continue increase investment, the semiconductor market will be the focus of our development! Lu Guoming last mentioned, as a as an invaluable company gradually intense competition in the LED stage development will necessarily be more limited. backp