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Taiwan Set New Standards Applicable To The Minimum Efficacy Of LED Lighting

May 07, 2015

Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced new standards requiring all indoor LED warm white light lamp minimum efficacy of 70 LM/w, and Leng Baiguang LED to more efficient, achieve a minimum 75 LM/w. According to Taiwan Bureau of Ministry of economy of energy (BOE) reported that in 2013 lighting 10.9% per cent of total electricity consumption, residential lighting accounted for 40% of the total lighting power consumption.

Global lighting Association (GLA) welcomed the move, Michael Ng of the GLA representative minimum efficiency requirements should be set at such a level, high quality product at an affordable price is widely used. Michael Ng said: "from the standpoint of GLA, we support global illumination setting minimum levels of product performance, Taiwan Bureau of Ministry of economy, the move is a good example. "Michael Ng and Taiwan lighting fixture export Association, Director of international affairs. He added that while there should be adequate monitoring and penalties set forth in place, to ensure honest, standards are used by internationally harmonized. ”