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Taiwan Factory Panel Driver IC Plant Season Shouting Horrendously Cold Trailer Industry Degree Satsuki

Nov 08, 2016

 Global stock market crash coupled with electronic climate concerns, Taiwan factory panel driver IC plant shout cold season,stadium lights the market came Taiwanese panel makers released a message to the driver IC plant suppliers, indicating spend on edge, every penny of the trailer industry Satsuki predicament. Supply chain revealed that the driver IC plant down suppliers 2/3 orders, focused on large-size TV panels. Leading factory bad,led stadium light small plants also suffer along, and now do not only Aiguan hi. backpfrontp IC (IntegratedCircuit, integrated circuit) design factory news constantly, in addition to MediaTek hand in India Micromax expand 4G mobile phone factory cooperation, promote 4K TV chip,high power led flood light through its subsidiary Morningstar Yi Chen made the merger force. While Novatek IC products into SONYZ5Premium. backpfrontp but in the face of China's semiconductor industry, construction, rise perilous red supply chain, this year the economy frozen, layoffs and unpaid leave rumors everywhere. Hsinchu relevant sources, 1000W LED flood light semiconductors President's nominations or levy has been frozen until early in the first half. backpfrontp other panel makers also recently rumored retrench costs, factory in Taiwan China TV panel supply plant, also shows that Chinese TV demand is not good, so that the large size of the joint drive IC plant followed siren, came already in the wafer manufacturers OEM and end packaging and testing orders under repair. backpfrontp industry insiders also revealed that red and Chinese panel makers supply chain itself is not good to go, led bay light although still in expansion, but the capacity is completely not open, afraid to open will be even worse. And weaker demand in China, Chinese brand factory manufacturers mainly supply to China, in the past millet total advertised using Taiwan factory or the Sharp panel, but the second half of this has turned red rice Note2 carrying Chinese factory Tianma panel. backpfrontp poor economy,led tunnel light industry, and whether there will be more integration? suppliers consider, after this crisis, and no low-threshold and small factories pluralism themes more dangerous, and less if the Group Austrian aid manufacturers subject to seasonal effects, the more defensive. As suspected of being named director of several multi-driver IC factory said that as of now the main outlook of the season and did not adjust,led arena light can only say that the poor environment, when everyone ECOWAS difficulties. backp