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T8 Lamp Price War Broke Out Price Has Dropped To Close To 7 Yuan---stadium Floodlights

Oct 25, 2016

 [Text | Engineering LED Huang Yaping] market direction since 2015, the disordered state LED street lighting market improved slightly, the closure, on foot of news no longer prevalent. Many LED lighting companies in the firm on the basis of existing markets, or actively carry out other business, or to continue to break new ground, or committed to LED stadium light to achieve the ultimate. With the domestic chip production capacity further release, the chip market competition, lower prices too fast, further compressed upstream corporate profits. Enterprises with stable customers and bargaining power, to further strengthen the industry control, thereby forming a stable industry competition. With the size of the stadium floodlights business expansion of listed companies and the release of production capacity, traditional packaged devices will enter the era of meager profit. And small businesses and limited technical capacity for mass production, it is difficult to compete with large enterprises form, not income does not increase profits further deepen the plight of small businesses in the body. Faced with declining performance, companies have even fled the restructuring plan high power LED flood light industries. Among them, NVC continues layout Internet O2O business, Foshan Lighting the product structure optimization and planning acquisitions. Op lighting, Foshan Lighting, NVC lighting, Huaqiang, etc. have been added to the price of LED T8 tube flame war, with the LED T8 tube prices fell close to 8 yuan competition category, directly touch lamp products gross profit and public enterprises bottom line. Ruifeng listed companies are actively looking for investment targets in the field of LED lights, is expected to expedite the completion of mergers and acquisitions by epitaxial Automotive Electronics LED source module 1000W LED flood light car lights car industry chain layout. Recently, let BDO Runda LED industry has become the focus of heated debate is more than the rumors of mergers and acquisitions, involving the Osram lighting business and a domestic market of LED companies. Foshan Lighting achieved operating income of 1.52 billion yuan, down 1.21%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 100 million yuan, down 46.9 percent. Such a big decline in first-half results, with the market environment is not good about the intense competition in the industry, product prices is large. Ocean King in the first quarter of 2015, yet it realized net profit 20.0075 million yuan, that is, only the second-quarter loss of ocean king over 35.56 million yuan. NVC lighting business in the first half revenue of 1.061 billion yuan, a slight decline year on year; revenue reached 580 million yuan source category, an increase of 15.77%, but the source class business to achieve profits not decreased. Since August 31, 2015, Lehman photoelectric Chinese stock short changed Lehman shares, English stock short changed LEDMAN, company stock code unchanged. Big Data Matsushita Lighting business plan overall sales revenue in fiscal year 2018 increased to 400 billion yen (about 3.32 billion US dollars), while the 2014 fiscal year to 317.7 billion yen. Since the beginning of 2015, LED tunnel light field integrate acquisitions has more than 30, the size of funds for mergers and acquisitions has more than ten billion yuan. Currently, the number of the upstream business has plummeted from more than 60 in 2009 to 20 or less, the actual functioning of the enterprise is only about 15, the top five chip companies market share has increased to more than 67%. As of the end of the first half, the NVC has 36 exclusive regional distributors, 3,437 shops, stores reduce the number of 268 over last year. NVC brand products in the domestic sales of 948 million yuan, down 3.1%, sales in the overseas market of 1.9 billion yuan, down 9.4%. Look overseas in addition to Panasonic's lighting business and residential lighting for shops, it also engaged in LED arena light bulbs and lighting components business, has the world's third market share. However, in the Netherlands, Philips and other strong opponents gathered in the European market, Panasonic did not carry out business before lamps and light bulbs, sockets and other spare parts only to lighting manufacturers. Professor of engineering at the University of Florida has developed a new high-efficiency, low-cost light-emitting diode (LED), can help to more widespread adoption of the technology. Nuremberg, Germany \u0026 mdash; researchers at the University of Erlangen fluorescent protein material, has developed a new production process, so that the white stadium lights production becomes both simple and inexpensive, and safe environment, while also significantly extend the life of the product. backp