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Supply Chain Shuffle Play With Fewer People Good Or Bad---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 21, 2016

 our intuitive feeling is that fewer suppliers, peers also seems to be gradually reduced,stadium lights customers are reducing the whole industry chain to play with increasingly Less. GONG Wen Jing, general manager of Taiwan shares represented at the G20-LED lighting annual CEO Summit 2015 closed-door meeting. backpfrontp have this feeling of not just crystal Taiwan shares, Engineering LED when company visits found that many companies have a similar confusion,led stadium light how did the guy who recently met someone? backpfrontp most obvious LED power supply industry. A domestic outdoor power companies this year has been basically out of the LED power supply market, by far the high power LED flood light business just do maintain existing customers, not followed by new orders. XX company found the first half we wanted to sign a single 4 million, and we are not connected. Deputy general manager of the company a bit helpless, he said XX company is a listed company, a LED lights. LED production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) survey data show that the first half of 2015, 1000W LED flood light outdoor lighting, power output value reached 580 million yuan, an increase of 20.8%, the growth rate has slowed. According to research to understand, prices fell by about 25%. \u0026 Mdash; \u0026 mdash; '2015 China's LED lighting drive power industry research report (6th Edition)' display. backpfrontp Shilong Dongguan, China, is a veteran of the power electronics business, has a long and glorious history, but declining in recent years in the LED tunnel light industry, the industry said it always hesitantly. Informed sources said that Long Fu-wah of R \u0026 D personnel and a large number of large sales staff to leave the company caused no small impact. Thereafter, though not depressed, but with debilitating to describe Long Fu-wah is not an exaggeration. backpfrontp GGII data show that in 2014, Long Fu Hua sales of outdoor power about 70 million, while the first half of 2015, the data rate of decline is very alarming. There are even people in the industry think Long Fu-wah is not also a little boil not go on. Led arena light have the same situation of not just Long Fu-wah, better LED power supply companies also walk in the exit or switch edges. Insiders had last year predicts that in the next 3--5 years, LED bay light power products will become increasingly standardized, small brands will be eliminated, the formation of several large driving power supply manufacturer. backpfrontp However, in Engineering, Chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei LED gym lights opinion, suppliers, peers, and even reduce the customer is not a bad thing, which is the industry towards maturity necessary stage. Customers reduced, but volume is increasing, he thought, so more conducive to the growth of high-quality customers. Exit backpfrontp SMEs, to come out of the market is bound to be boiled down to business can not wait to carve up the bigger. Like Wen-feng said, the good market fundamentals are good products,tennis court lights adhere to product quality companies can go to the end, but pay attention to the quality of enterprises can hang on until the end, it will depend on their good luck.