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Sunshine Lighting 'Harvest Of Action' Opened The 2015 Autumn And Winter New Listing

Oct 14, 2016

 [text / LED Engineering] Sun Yue Motte change. Can Hu Sunshine Lighting (600261.SH) Marketing Director standing more than 2,000 branch offices located in the ancient town hall said flat. backp town branch foreground backpfrontp sun stadium lighting in 2012 began to enter the home lighting, but 2013 - The 2014 has as yet no new products to market, the colleagues are mustering the strength to go forward, when the sun high power led flood light but accidents stagnation. 2015, determined to change the sun lighting, opening a series of offline activities: March of spring action, July whirlwind of action, action harvest now under way, and then there in November of promotional activities \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; these Events have demonstrated the determination of the sun lighting Return of the King.  It is understood that the sun 1000W led flood light up in China's largest lighting city Zhongshan branch of the town, and here the Province held a national dealer meeting. Product manager, said the company set up branches in the town is to make full use of local resources, to accelerate changes in product design updates, but also better for the dealers to provide all aspects of service.conference site  sun lighting products showroom is located on the fourth floor Jinding town east, while in the negative layer, there are nearly 5,000 flat warehouses, with a dedicated service cars, from replacement parts are shipped to strive fastest best quality, we can achieve the docking point of the county customers. Sun lighting product manager, said on August 29 for a new conference in Henan dealers. backp sun lighting the conference hall backpfrontp to home led bay lighting products, Priscilla years, L'Age Europe and other major series has attracted the attention of dealers scene. In fact, the sun lighting on playing safe rolling channel construction, a relatively strong brand in the dealer group, but since last year, the sun began to take a comprehensive LED street lighting market promotion strategy, has introduced new products, and strive to LED products can quickly leading peer competitors, let dealer groups to sunlight gym lighting products with confidence. backpfrontp In fact, the first half of 2015, the sun lighting LED business advantages of scale to further expand, LED business accounted for 66%, and the rate of transformation of LED is still accelerating. Founded town branch, perhaps the sun lighting the road started its own brand of domestic first shot.