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Sunshine Chen Yiping, Poly As Xiao Ling, Kamei Week Shuiming Talk Lighting Market Competition---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 01, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] backpfrontp sun lighting, general manager of China Chen Yiping: LED lighting is still plenty of opportunity backpbackpfrontp sunlight is a veteran lighting business, the company's revenue in the first half of this year 19 million , which grew 92% LED stadium light, traditional lighting fell 27 percent, thanks to LED caught early, so the performance of LED up substantially offset the decline of traditional lighting, and now our entire energy-saving lamps including fluorescent in this one, can be seen from the financial statements that we have put it out to do, if not before we have experienced painful transition, there is no high power LED flood light growth. Overall, the sun lighting the main revenue comes from the US market, the US economy is now in recovery, developing faster than in other countries, while the Chinese market last year, mainly due to brand building from the beginning, from the beginning of last year we did great movements, revenues and profits growth.Public still prefer cheap, so this is why electricity supplier so fire reasons. I think that the cost must be innovative, not necessarily said to develop new products, mainly to cost control to the extreme.The next three years, the sun lighting if you want to maintain steady growth, we must first do their own 1000W led flood lighting; the second is to do intelligent lighting, since this year we think this is the direction; and third, we regard light The pursuit of quality and scene lighting, I think the future of the art of living associated lighting will market, which is the next 2--3 years of development. In addition, aspects of market access, I think the whole package is going to combine the product itself, the product should do so dealers feel that making money selling my products, if there is no money to sell your product, then there is no chance. Retail than before now poor, but still have the strength to do the project. future energy-saving capacity is large, T8 lamps have 4 billion worldwide. Still many opportunities, to see how to do business, we have confidence. backpfrontp gather for lighting chairman Xiao Ling: Scattered go steady expansion of the market for lighting backpbackpfrontp gather every step go more carefully, Scattered steady go, we have only one business area, is the LED bay light interior lighting, we started from in 2003 established LED Applications , in 2006 began to focus on LED indoor lighting, high quality and excellent service we are to build our core competencies, so many years also precipitated a number of strategic partners, before we mainly South Korea and the United States and Europe dominated the domestic high-end market, This year we want to change it, it is the United States, Japan and Europe as well as domestic-based Korea, this year our domestic market still has growth, but not great, it is about 15%.Competition, mainly the price is very intense, everyone says that retail electricity providers are very consistent with our business, but because the price is quite difficult in this area, we are also thinking about the future to how to go down, the foreign market is in the United States Down markets, products based on this we started bulbs, bulbs I think it is an automated, large-scale products, so we do it in accordance with the original order, our current main products include lamps, ceiling lamps, led panel Light, fresh light and so on. backpfrontp gather for lighting mainly take segments of the subdivision, because of limited corporate funds, it will be a preferred customer, and treat them as strategic cooperation, so many years we go to expand more markets in which customers help us customer base to expand the market. Although small step to go, but very stable. backpfrontp Kamei lighting marketing general manager Zhou Shuiming: strengthening management to enhance the very important backpbackpfrontp Kamei Lighting is a done 30 years of business, the first half of LED airport light grow also, probably more than 40 percent, this year may be relatively large aspect is that traditional commercial lighting down very fast, and the other is the time to do the traditional overseas development is very slow, from the first half of this year we begin to change, this is probably about the same overseas increased by about 30 million, from the second half can be seen from the basic production overseas markets if the upswing then, the LED street lighting has a certain growth. backpfrontp for future judgment, we think the industry would have been nice, of course, we also believe that in 2016 from the application point of view will be more difficult than this year. Environment is not good there are two main aspects, one is the big environmental impact, the second is in the market, we have a lot of accounts receivable, the company not only devote their energies this year in sales in the second half we will start doing management improvement In this regard we must reduce inventory, without reducing inventory costs will impact, RGB LED flood light costs actually very bad, so we started in June, has been doing work in this area. We make a profit, we must improve the management. backpfrontp 2016 years, we will do some aspects of large, first make bigger overseas markets, including Malaysia, Brazil we are in the layout, second, we must take the traditional commercial lighting made more professional, because next We do custom products, and the third is to do management improvement. backpfrontp addition, we have online mode, online sales model will stand us do nationwide retail terminals, retail dealers this fall is very fast, this may have a great relationship with the project. Retail piece regulating the family network has a relationship with the future, we are also the layout of this one, we want the original retail, the way our customers use the Internet to solve, this is what we are missing is the future need to do. backp