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Sudden Death Blame? You Could Have A Good Living

Jan 04, 2017

 from September 17, reported Tovey Engineering LED stadium lights continuous arrears event maxed circle of friends, the current progress, working with several Tovey companies to discuss restructuring. backpfrontp Coincidentally, Sept. 23, I again saw a circle of friends Friends of the Dongguan Jin photoelectric suppliers owed millions of dollars of loans on foot message, suppliers have pulled dun banner at the door, but legal KangSheng spinning He has not appeared. backpfrontp fall season, this is the harvest season, but was overshadowed by the tragedy of the pile. Why do good companies will backpfrontp sudden death for similar reasons:? all because of funding strand breaks, resulting in business failure. backpfrontp Recently, Engineering, Chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei LED on G20-LED stadium Lighting Summit introduced to more effectively help companies (especially members of the business) to solve the funding chain issues, introduced the Internet Engineering LED supply chain financial model, namely financing providing business development sustained and stable financial support, to help enhance the competitiveness of its industries. backpfrontp core of the model is that the use of Engineering high power LED flood light industry data and resources accumulated screening risk evaluation of credit to business sales contracts (accounts receivable) as the evaluation of assets, more effective help industry chain upstream business financing. Zhang Xiaofei expressed. backpfrontp For businesses, the funds recycling large amounts and longer than the project, but the project had to mention street EMC engineering. our street project mostly using EMC model, but generally speaking there is the problem of funding the recovery time is too long. Guangyu Lighting chairman Xu Fugui frustration. backpfrontp And this situation just occurred in Tovey's body,1000W LED flood light one in Tovey employees doing for years, said the company and some of our longest EMC engineering contract nearly 20 years, for example, 100 million yuan in the project, first invested 100 million, in order to return back to profit after 20 years of this, leading to internal financial pressure. backpfrontp In addition, supply chain transaction in question account of the prevalence of the transaction, but also make the industry a headache. backpfrontp industry said that some buyers demand, will need timely arrival, but the conventional mode of operation there account of 3-6 months, and suppliers with respect to small-scale buyers requires timely return of funds, all We hope receivable timely arrival,led tunnel lights in order to ensure continued production. backpfrontp for all these cases, ZhangXiaoFei think, a good grasp of the importance of two major problems, one must control the expansion of the rhythm, do not worry because the profit margins of big expansion, because those accounts may not be able to recover to. Second, we must do the financing plan to ensure the continuity of the development of the capital chain, it is the fundamental business. backpfrontp and Engineering LED high bay lights set up supply chain finance act, it is hoped to promote the LED industry, and struggle in this industry in business, can be sustained, healthy and steady development. backpfrontp simple terms, G20-LED Lighting Summit will serve as a platform for supply chain finance assets (high-quality asset pool), while assets of vendor accounts receivable (customer-listed companies), Engineering LED for supply chain finance platform Looking for external docking funds to help businesses ease cash flow problems. backpfrontp ZhangXiaoFei brief,led arena lights if you are a supplier role: we can solve the member companies (listed companies) liquidity problems, to help enterprises bigger and stronger, member companies (listed companies) shall guarantee payment of the purchase price associated with downstream customers; if you are Customer role: We will protect member companies (listed company) supply chain stable solutions provider cash flow problems, and member companies (listed companies) related upstream suppliers shall guarantee payment of the purchase price. backpfrontp capital chain - the blood of enterprises, and make good use of the funds used to live, is the key to sustainable development. Critical moment, Engineering LED tennis court lights supply chain finance platform will open up your continued feeding channel !! backp