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Still Tangled Market Is Not Good?

Feb 05, 2017

 Engineering LED Gan Qin Recently, Engineering LED stadium lights informed fruit Huizhou City-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Guangdong Jie fruit of new materials Limited (hereinafter referred to as new material Jie fruit ), and the registered capital increased to 20 million yuan. Chen Yongsheng, general manager of the company said, the company was renamed after the recently there are new trends. backpfrontp just past September, Jay invested 5 million yuan if the new material set up a subsidiary \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Huizhou City Jie New Materials Co., Ltd, specializing in the electronics industry glue, including UV glue, plastic and other products inductance. backpfrontp In addition to this action, the company also had agents phosphor subsidiary of Mitsubishi \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Huizhou City, Hui Ji Jie New Materials Co., Ltd. If the new material into its holding to 80%. backpfrontp Chen Yongsheng said that in today's increasingly competitive,led stadium lighting every company seeking the best combination of resources and customer needs. The outstanding result of new material means of this series of strategic adjustments, to optimize the allocation of resources, the internal functions related to each other, through the integration of resources to enhance their competitive advantage, improve customer service levels. backpfrontp and most companies feel the same, Chen Yongsheng admits relatively sluggish market conditions this year, but the increase in sales prices led to income does not increase profits phenomenon prominent. And talk about the second half of the overall market,high power led flood light Chen Yongsheng said, and not too optimistic, but the state will not be popular, by the account of prolonged influence, some companies have orders not too daring. So the company began last year to make greater efforts in terms of consolidation of customers, to give up a number of funds back to the bad financial strength is not strong, and customers. backpfrontp Chen Yongsheng believes that the future market environment is becoming increasingly complex and challenging industry situation,1000w led flood light if not to make innovation, is bound to be eliminated by the market. backpfrontp seize the market, to win the market, in response to the above phenomenon, Jay fruit of new material recently successfully launched a new and innovative products \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; optocoupler protection silicone 5960, to the layout of new markets. backpfrontp protection optocoupler 5960 is a high-purity silica gel silicone materials for packaging single component,led tunnel light solvent-free silicone polymer designed for semiconductor optoelectronic yuan the core part of the protection. Chen Yongsheng, said the product is suitable for the majority of optoelectronic components and physical protection chip interconnecting wires, joints prevent pollution and improve equipment performance and stability characteristics of the device. :( Typical performance data for the laboratory data) backpbackpfrontp According to reports, the product at -40 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ environment can still maintain good toughness, can provide effective mechanical shock and vibration protection,led gym lights has good adhesion properties. The products to prevent moisture, dust and other air pollutants, in addition, its high purity, the operating time of up to 200 hours, with good thixotropy, after dispensing a perfect chip package. backpbackpfrontpbackpfrontp Chen Yongsheng said that the current piece of plastic optocouplers most companies are using the Dow Corning glue,led high bay lights glue domestic enterprises for the development of this area is still rarely involved, so I think a great chance. The company has supplied this product to several domestic customers, good response. backp