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Starting In September LED Drive Power In 3C Enforcement Certification Categories

May 07, 2015

The corresponding designated certification bodies should be based on the new rules and published mandatory product certification general implementing rules corresponding to product certification rules are formulated, implementing rules for the certification should be completed before September 1, 2014 to my board certification supervision Department filing before the related certification activities in specified areas. From the date of implementation of new rules for new acceptance Certification Commission business and certification organizations shall be governed by new rules implementing certification; the new rules effectively compulsory product certification has been issued before implementation can continue to use, specify the certificate authority certificate of conversion should be taken due replacement, standard version, product changes, such as a natural transition to be completed.

Authentication standards due to technological developments, new products and continues to improve, this revision relates to rules applicable to make the following adjustments:

1. "lighting – ballast types" under "electronic ballasts for high intensity discharge lamps, LED module with DC or AC supplied electronic control gear" two products;

2. "low voltage electrical category-leakage protection device species" items Xia increased "household and similar uses of socket type remaining current electrical (SRCD)" a products, "low voltage electrical category-circuit breaker device species" items Xia increased "household and similar uses of b sex remaining current action circuit breaker device (b type RCCB and b type RCBO), and household and the similar places with with selective of had current protection circuit breaker device (SMCB)" two a products;

3. "wire and cable categories under" increased "due to JB/T8735.2-2011, new product specifications model JB/T8734.2~.6-2012 standard version".