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Spotlights Flowers 'Magpie' Can Monopolize The Branches? OAK LED Flood Light

Oct 06, 2016

 frontp [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] good, T141 magpie energy-saving effect is good, very delicate appearance. Installation is also very convenient,stadium lights take up less space, installation works well, greatly enhance the aesthetics of the lighting installation site. Shandong won the platinum-rich landscape Engineering Limited, he said. The magpie is not a bird, but Jinan Samsung Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Samsung Lighting) of LED lamps for light. Nor that this Samsung Samsung, Samsung Lighting is a specialized outdoor lighting companies to design, development, production, sales, service as one proud. backpfrontp our chip and packaging technology are based on Shanghai Cree,led stadium light from the source to be able to guarantee quality. Samsung Lighting marketing plan relevant person in charge Li Heng told the 'Engineering LED'. backpbackpfrontp Emperor Qianlong a magpie sound Zeze, vulgar cloud Ming people talked about the good news. Magpies since ancient times is good luck and good fortune symbol, lighting Samsung T141 series magpie implication naturally so. The series Spotlights bionic design techniques can be integrated with the buildings, trees and other surrounding environment, Smart smooth. backpfrontp From the structural point of view,high power led flood light T141 magpie use natural air convection cooling design, can effectively reduce the LED junction temperature and improve the optical efficiency. Between the light source and electrical cabin cabin also hidden pass-through cooling fins. Specifically, the glass with a plastic tank between the front cover and the radiator tightly tied, plastic tank with screws and choked to protect source water and dust cabin, between Li Heng introduced Road, back cover and the radiator plus Waterproof tape and waterproof board, waterproof tape and screw the water board and the radiator cover tightly pressed against the middle, 1000W led flood light to ensure good electrical compartment waterproof and dustproof effect. backpbackpfrontp other hand, T141 magpie using technology mature buck DC power supply, single lamp beads driving current 700mA, discoloration series of lamps can be regulated by light color conversion DMX512 decoding control module. backpfrontp cast light not only has a higher heat dissipation requirements, emitting angle is an important factor in the selection of customers consider. T141 magpie using a single particle efficient LED lamp beads, combined optical-grade PC lens, available to customers a flexible choice of wide angle 15 \u0026 deg; / 25 \u0026 deg; / 40 \u0026 deg;tunnel light / 60 \u0026 deg; different light angle of products that can adapt to different customers diverse lighting environments angle Demand. And in its role of optical-grade PC converging lens, the light even and soft lighting, projection distance farther. backpfrontp this product by virtue of our own research and development of high quality to meet the needs of the lighting market, while achieving a more diverse lighting functions, has a very strong market competitiveness. Li Heng said. backpfrontp is why the T141 magpie generous chic look, but not see the light quality of the lamp, blown away by the customer reputation, Samsung Lighting to push the 2015 Golden Globe Award for Creative Engineering LED intelligent lighting award.led bay light In the case of LED outdoor lighting contending Magpies could monopolize the branches?