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Spike Optoelectronics Three New Board At The Trial To Send Connaught Photoelectric Transfer Listed Today

Nov 04, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] capital boost industrial development has become the main engine. Three new board as the pyramids of capital markets more and more important part of the stadium lights business seriously, as three new board listed companies emerald Chairman Liu Yong Peng said, the traditional real economy depends mainly on self-accumulation and development, but individual enterprises rely solely on their own strength to grow slowly, like a car, do not run up a wheel, four wheels turn in order to develop faster, led stadium light we must learn to leveraging the development, cross the river by boat. backpfrontp Recently, reporters from the National SME share transfer system (three new board) official website has learned, Shenzhen City, Guangzhou Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ear Optoelectronics) is a new three-board listed audit, while in Jiangsu Connaught Photoelectric already sent today In the three new board officially open for sale. backpfrontp according to Spike Optoelectronics disclosure 'open transfer instructions' shows that the main spike crystal photovoltaic devices and small and medium-size backlight high power LED flood light backlight module production. Information, Spike Optoelectronics formerly known as Shenzhen City, Guangzhou Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., was established in October 26, 2010, by the Zhenghan Wu, Zheng Zewei were invested 5.6 million and 2.4 million yuan to set up a registered capital of 8 million yuan. And on November 11, 2014, initiated the establishment of the way, the company changed the whole Corporation. backpfrontp earnings data disclosure, 2014 Spike Optoelectronics operating income 148 million yuan, an increase of 28.88%, to achieve the company's net profit attributable to shareholders 17,429,900 yuan, compared with last year dropped 10.11 percent. backpfrontp Spike Optoelectronics, said the small size of the field of 1000W LED flood light backlighting over the same industry companies have greater technical superiority, with the decline in product selling prices, the end product application areas and expanding, more downstream LED bay light application class enterprises to participate Among the market, leading to increased market competition, product price drop further, and thus, the whole industry chain of Maori continue to be reduced. backpfrontp data show that spike Optoelectronics January to February 2015, 2014, 2013, gross margin was 24.97%, 28.01%, 33.40%, showing a declining trend. Today three new board officially listed on the transfer of school Connaught Optoelectronics is a research and development, production, marketing, engineering services as one of the enterprises, the main products for switching power supply, LED street lighting, LED display and equipment. 2015 January-February revenue reached 3.5475 million yuan. backpfrontp data, send Connaught Photoelectric 2014 revenue of 14.5564 million yuan, an increase of 54.68%; net profit of 1,455,800 yuan, an increase of 2527.80%. backpfrontp According to the engineering LED tunnel light to incomplete statistics, as of now, there are already more than 50 LED and related businesses in the new three board listing, and another more than twenty LED arena light enterprises in the trial of three new board. backp