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Spike Optoelectronics: Performance 'bucked The Market Trend,' You Need To Do A Few!

Mar 29, 2017

 LED stadium lights industry chain in the current general decline in gross margin, more or less ushered in a period of declining performance, the industry has a production of backlight device companies are bucked , but who is this company? backpfrontp our entire ear Optoelectronics since 2015, the production scale to usher in rapid growth, especially after entering the second half, with particularly rapid growth in the third quarter. Spike Optoelectronics chairman Zhenghan Wu disclosed. backpfrontp Indeed, this year LED stadium lighting industry bargain seriously, the relative reduction in the order of time, Spike Optoelectronics located in backlight remains bullish packaging field, especially after the beginning of the third quarter of this year, Spike Optoelectronics landing three new board by means of share transfer system opportunities, performance soared. backpfrontp year's performance generally bullish, with the layout we conducted last year are closely related. Zhenghan Wu said that the industry's growth performance is all for a reason, we must learn to summarize. backpfrontp It is understood that since last year, Spike Optoelectronics re planning a specially made TV backlight production line, until beginning to take shape this year, for the sustainable development of the company's benefit a lot. At the same time, and actively with the global packaging giant patent related to the deployment until October 17 this year, officially signed on the white high power LED flood light patent license and Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., has become one of a handful of companies have the patent. backpfrontp currently in Shenzhen backlit package monthly production capacity to reach more than 250kk no more than three, and we are one of them, and we Optoelectronics spike this year's goal is to complete 200 million in sales. Zhenghan Wu said that although the current growth momentum is good, but still worthy of their warning, particularly the current situation in the industry as a whole 1000W LED flood light industry being affected by the impact of lower gross margin declining trend, we must strengthen their own strength. backpfrontp Zhenghan Wu said that in this one there are a number of ways, such as cost control, talent pool, joint procurement, bulk purchasing, and actively layout to meet the challenges of the back. backpfrontp In this one, I think it particularly important that the enterprise customer orientation, RGB LED flood light we must, and high-quality customer business, to keep their products towards high-end direction. Zhenghan Wu quipped, after they tried to produce some low-end products, but doing his find, and slowly lose their own business has become standard, become only do low-end products. backpfrontp \u0026 lsquo; knows nothing, doubts nothing \u0026 rsquo ;, to demanding customers to do product, business itself has been slowly learning, continuous improvement, to make even better products, LED tunnel lights and continued production of low-end products, Finally, the whole enterprise will gradually into the low-end, and finally fell into decline. Zhenghan Wu noted. backpfrontp Therefore, in the next period of time, according to Zheng revealed, they will gradually get rid of a number of second and third line of customers, would rather not do the product, it does not reduce the quality standards of enterprises, but, in the current overall industry trend of LED arena lights two, three-line accounts receivable risk customers tend to be larger, and now it seems that this would be a wise move. backp