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Sony Portable Light Source LED Lights And LED Downlights Exchanges Compete Engineering Golden Globes---led Stadium Lights

Dec 12, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin Recently, Sony relevant staff source said the company will carry the AC LED stadium lights and LED downlights two products compete Engineering 2015 Best Product Award . backpfrontp above the staff, Sony source candidates of these two products, there are three things in common: First, the led stadium light source devices are used in phosphors program preparation, dispensing with the traditional way of preparing high compared to the light source color consistency, ease mass production. Bin fifth-order rate drop dispensing traditional source of about 80 percent, the fifth-order rate of our products fall Bin device prepared phosphor light source may exceed 90%. backpfrontp Secondly, in order to resolve the current diversity and flexibility of LED light sources, high power LED flood light application process generated diversified and personalized needs of large-scale manufacturing and contradictions, the two products are modular design, the use of standardized interfaces, product versatile, interchangeable, normative for downstream applications provide a broad design space, maintenance and replacement of more convenient and cost savings.In addition, both products of the optical, mechanical, electrical, thermal integrated in one, reducing the module size, lower cost, and effectively solve the problems caused by heat and life caused by driving power. high power led flood light addition to commonality, both products also each have their own characteristics, wherein the AC LED lamp products using special lightning protection module, which utilizes AC direct drive technology, mainly includes overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, a unique Surge protection design. backp Sony source AC 1000W LED flood lights backpfrontp AC grid due to the interference of electrical equipment, will result in an AC voltage waveform is not smooth, there is a large number of harmonics and voltage amplitude fluctuations and other issues, when the voltage is high to a certain extent, it will breakdown LED tunnel light PN junction, the LED failure, and overvoltage and overtemperature protection solve the above problem. Staff said. backpfrontp addition, the product designed to replace the lens, so that the effect of diversification street light, design is more flexible, suitable for different levels of road lighting width. AC direct drive technology include overvoltage protection,LED bay light overtemperature protection, pre-PWM dimming interface, integrated circuit (IC), is compatible with SCR dimming 5 section. drive the product in addition to the traditional LED gym lights drive power, extend the life and reduce volume, reduce costs and solve the problems caused by heat and life caused by driving power. In addition, its unique phosphor ratio,tennis court lights the lamp color rendering index greater than 95, you can better restore the true color of the object. Such staff says.